Best Shower Door Reviews in 2024

Best shower doors offer important service to washrooms for they protect the privacy of shower users. Shower doors also enhance the beauty of the washrooms and some doors give washrooms a spa-like an environment. Shower doors come in many types and shapes.

There are doors with or without frames, swing doors and those made of glass and other material depending on the abilities and needs of users.

The quality of shower doors influences their aesthetic beauty and staining abilities.

Best Shower Doors Reviews in 2023

DreamLine Enigma Fully Frameless Sliding Shower Door Review

DreamLine Enigma Fully Frameless Sliding Shower DoorThe DreamLine enigma is a sliding frameless shower door that is made from brushed stainless steel.

This best quality shower doors has a width of 56-60 giving shower enclosures sufficient space for users with a 3/8″ glass.

The stainless steel make gives the door a sturdy reinforcement which endures losses that might arise due to tear and wear.

Other features of the door include shelves and towel bars.

The frameless design guarantees a spacious and open feeling.

Review: DreamLine Enigma-X 56-60 glass shower door has a perfect finish whose touch gives bath enclosures a master facelift.

Most of the product’s features are made from stainless steel.

The ClearMax technology used to make the door makes them from any lime formation.

The most important advantages and worthy noting disadvantages of the product are as follows:

DreamLine Enigma PROS:
  • Brushed stainless steel hardware finish
  • Coated with exclusive tempered glass
  • Has options for many patterns
  • Elegant design for multiple shower decors
  • Fixtures and groves are highly resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Very durable
  • Stain resistance
  • Water repellant, easy maintenance, and superior protection
  • Varying anti-splash thresholds
  • Adjustable to the preferred side opening

DreamLine Enigma CONS:
  • Usable indoors only
  • Cannot be customized
  • Requires professional installation

What we think about DreamLine Enigma

The DreamLine Enigma-X shower door has the best features that one can dream of.

It gives an air of luxury and sophistication.

It has hardware finish of stainless steel gives a perfect mix of cool contemporary living and exceptional quality and décor.

The product is ideal for customers looking for modernity and class.

VIGO Elan Frameless Sliding Shower Door Review

VIGO Elan Frameless Sliding Shower DoorVIGO Elan 56 to 60-in is a frameless shower door that is easy to install.

The product is a combination of superior quality and design that guarantees a magnificent look of the shower enclosure.

Door Height 73.75-in., Stainless Steel and hardware finish.

Review: Vigo shower doors are fitted with water deflectors that redirect shower water towards the inside of the bathroom.

The door has a tight door and side seals that make the shower watertight between the fixed panels and the glass door.

The following are the main merits and demerits for having a VIGO Elan 56 to 60 in.

door for your shower.

  • Frameless glass design
  • Adjustable opening
  • Comes in different glass varieties to suit the needs of users
  • Installation both reversible to the right or left
  • Guaranteed durability, because is stainless steel construction, does not scratch, chip, rust giving the door a for life use
  • Effortless and smooth closing
  • Has support rails to reinforce its stability to the wall
  • Allows fixing of handles and shelves on pre-drilled holes
  • Superior quality product

  • Limited warranty
  • Requires professional installation

What we think about VIGO Elan

The VIGO Elan 56 to 60-in. door is impressive and constructed with high quality.

This gives customers total value for their money for its premium pricing.

The door is easy to use because it easily slides on its rails requiring less effort.

The door also has brakes that can prevent its slamming and thus sustain its durability.

DreamLine Infinity-Z Frameless Sliding Shower Door Review

DreamLine Infinity-Z Frameless Sliding Sh.jpg ower DoorDreamLine Infinity-Z 56-60 in shower door is a high quality and an innovatively designed door that assures incredible value.

The product can be used in overhauling the entire bathroom or updating the door.

The door leaves a dramatic effect on the looks and feel of the shower enclosure.

Other features include a Brushed Nickel and chrome hardware finish.

Review: DreamLine Infinity-Z 56-60 in. door comes in unique quality designs that promise a high-end look with customizable options according to the needs of the customer.

The doors are engineered using very high standards that use premium quality hardware and materials.

The frameless door offers a perfect streamline for the bathroom with clean lines and modern look.

The door has the following advantages and disadvantages:

DreamLine Infinity-Z PROS:
  • Variety glass options frosted or clear tempered glass
  • Convenient bar for towel
  • Easy handling
  • Sliding door plus a stationary panel
  • Guide rail and wall profiles
  • Water repellant abilities through the exclusive coating
  • Does not scratch easily
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Adjustable installation
  • Trim enabled guide rails for a perfect fit
  • Spacious shower feeling

DreamLine Infinity-Z CONS:
  • Requires professional to install
  • After installing, the gap between the wall and the door still remains

What we think about DreamLine Infinity-Z

If you are looking for a sliding door that needs little possible maintenance, then the DreamLine Infinity-Z 56-60 in is the perfect match for the shower enclosure.

The unit comes with complete panels and other add-ons that give a complete door solution for the bathroom project.

Aston Langham Frameless Frosted Glass Sliding Shower Door Review

Aston Langham Frameless Frosted Glass Sliding Shower DoorIf you are looking to add a modern, spacious and functional door for your shower, then the Aston SDR978-SS-60-10 is the product to settle for.

The door is frameless that uses a state of the roller mechanism that is attached to four wheels.

These special attributes allow the door to slide smoothly and quietly with its frameless design.

Other significant features of the product include aluminum runners that are fixed at the base of the door to ensure that the door sticks to its position and slides freely as required.

Review: Aston SDR978-SS-60-10 features reversible sliding doors that can be used for both right and left opening depending on the suitability of the shower enclosure.

This optimizes the access of the bathroom and space.

The main pluses and minuses of the product are as follows:

Aston Langham PROS:
  • Reversible doors for both direction opening
  • Maximum space utilization
  • Temper safety glass
  • Great designs
  • Stainless steel hardware that is durable
  • Full-length size
  • Straightforward installation
  • Gives total value for money spent
  • Very durable product

Aston Langham CONS:
  • Highly priced
  • Heavy glass panels
  • Requires adequate support

What we think about Aston Langham

The Aston SDR978-SS-60-10 60″ shower door model is a very nice product for a modern bathroom with good décor.

Its quality is evenly compensated with its premium price which assures value for money.

A perfect installation of the door is a guarantee of many years without remodeling your shower room.

This product has up to five years guarantee and is highly durable putting the brand ahead of others.

DreamLine Mirage Frameless Sliding Shower  Door Review

DreamLine Mirage Frameless Sliding Shower DoorIf you are looking for a modern, spacious and functional accessory for a new or existing bathroom, then the DreamLine Mirage 44-48 in shower door is what you need.

The door comes I two designs one that is totally frameless and semi-framed.

The door comes in fixed sizes, therefore, you bear that in mind from the outset.

Its features include a stationary panel and a sliding door and a design that is fully frameless for spacious and open feeling.

It is also worth noting that the model has no adjustments that can fit into uneven walls.

Chrome finish, Premium 3/8 in.

(10mm) thick and ANSI certified clear temper glass.

Review: DreamLine Mirage 44-48 in contains aluminum anodized bottom rail guide that can be trimmed to a maximum of 4 inches when adjusting the width.

The door also has a support arm that supports its effective and strong anchoring to the wall as well as reinforcing the model stability.

The advantages and disadvantages of this door are as listed below:

DreamLine Mirage PROS:
  • Comes in two options, semi-framed and frameless
  • Easy installation
  • Reversible to both sides
  • Has support arm for stability and durability

DreamLine Mirage CONS:
  • Requires professional to install
  • One side handles (outside and nob inside)

What we think about DreamLine Mirage

This product has comfort and is easy to use and is a top class product worth to spend money on.

Its two options make the door ideal for buyers with different needs.

All one needs to remember is to take measurements after the walls have been finished.

VIGO Pirouette Shower Door Review

VIGO Pirouette Shower DoorWhen you are making choices on the best sliding door for a bathroom, you should make several considerations.

Most frameless doors give good results but the VIGO Pirouette 48 to 54-in is exemplary.

The product has a Vigo Lockguard technology that makes the door the most durable for everyday use because it prevents the glass from metal contact.

The door as well has seal thru technology that seals the strips along the door to prevent any water leaks.

Other features include high-quality structural components made from stainless steel.

Review: VIGO Pirouette 48 to 54-in contains oil rubbed bronze plates that are made of stainless steel hardware that give the product a superior durability and quality.

The product as well has thick glass ideally the certified ANSI Z97.1.

To establish its pros and cons of the product, run through following list:

VIGO Pirouette PROS:
  • Lockguard technology that enhances its durability
  • Clear seals to prevent water contact with the door
  • Stainless steel pivots to effective usability
  • Water deflector
  • Door handle that is pre-drilled
  • Easy to install

VIGO Pirouette CONS:
  • Single water deflector
  • Limited warranty

What we think about VIGO Pirouette

VIGO Pirouette 48 to 54-in is an elegant and strong shower door.

The door offers a modern style that has a unique design and is durable.

The technology used to make the door makes it among the most durable in the frameless sliding category.

This product is ideal for customers who are interested in the performance aspect of the doors of their showers.

KOHLER K-702207-L-NX Shower Door Review

KOHLER K-702207-L-NX Shower DoorKOHLER K-702207-L-NX door is an excellent and suitable door for people of all ages.

The fluency sliding door has features that give it a versatile look and contemporary design that makes it absolutely luxurious.

The continuous panel makes it have a quiet and smooth slide.

Other features include slight curves on the inside and metal grooves and fixtures made of Brushed Nickel and hardware finish.

Review: The product is easy to install and its finish makes it the most excellent door.

Its crystal clear glass gives the shower a natural feeling and openness.

The brand is a perfect contemporary household product with the right comfort and elegance.

Needless to mention, its pricing gives total value and the tempered glass makes it very resistant.

The merits and demerits of the product are as follows:

  • Continuous panel mechanism for smooth slide
  • Water repellant glass
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Adjustable for out of plumb adjusting
  • Optimizes space use
  • Affordable pricing

  • Highly priced model
  • Requires a professional to install

What we think about KOHLER K-702207-L-NX

The product is inspiring and built with high quality.

This gives customers total value for their money with its affordable pricing.

The door is easy to use because it easily slides on its rails requiring less effort because of the continuous rails.

This product is appropriate especially for customers who have budget considerations for a product with an excellent finish.

Hence, adding it to your bathroom is a good decision.

DreamLine Aqua Fold Shower Door Review

DreamLine Aqua Fold Shower DoorThe DreamLine Aqua Fold 36 in is a unique shower door that is supported by pivots.

The pivots give the door stability and have options for both frameless and framed doors.

Some of the outstanding features of the product include the continuous and self-centered pivots that allow the rotation of the doo in and out of the tubs.

These doors make great choices for bathrooms that are of smaller sizes.

Other significant features include Bi-Fold Tub Screen; Model Size: 36 in. W x 58 in. H; Anodized aluminum wall profiles that allow up to 3/8 in and is adjustable for out-of-plumb fitting.

Review: DreamLine Aqua Fold 36 in has a perfect finish whose touch gives bathrooms a master facelift for contemporary living and style.

The most significant advantages and disadvantages of the shower door are as follows:

DreamLine Aqua PROS:
  • Continuous and self-centered pivots that enhance stability and durability
  • Double fold for optimization of bathroom space
  • Magnificent design mainly European style
  • High quality and ANSI certified clear and tamper glass
  • Chrome finish and hardware
  • Water repellant mechanism and easy to clean

DreamLine AquaCONS:
  • Requires professional installation
  • A little inconvenient because towel can fall off the rails
  • Limited warranty

What we think about DreamLine Aqua

Pivot doors give bathrooms a luxurious look and are good when one wants to optimize on space.

They are also durable because the pivots make them stable.

The chrome vanishes also leaves a good décor.

For these reasons, they are appropriate for a person looking for durability, performance and aesthetic value.

Best shower doors buying guide

Types of shower doors are many and they come in different sizes, styles, and design.

There are shower doors that have bypass or sliding doors that take little space.

The design of these types of doors usually comprises of two or more panels that slide against each other using tracks at the bottom or top of the shower.

They are mainly used in stand-alone showers.

There are also pivot doors that are also referred as swing open doors that open outward or inward of the single side of the shower.

These types are suitable for shoes with a small opening that cannot allow bypass doors.

Pivot doors can be mounted to swing either in or out depending on how best they can fit the bathroom layout.

There are also round shower doors that open inwards and are common with corner stand-alone shower rooms.

These doors are usually attached to the bottom and top frames and due to their curvy nature, they make the bathing area larger.

Framed shower doors

best shower doorsShower doors are mainly attached using two main ways that include frameless or framed doors.

Framed doors are characterized by frames that are mainly made from composite or aluminum materials that come in a variety of hardware and finishes.

They have tracks that collect water and require regular cleaning.

Frameless shower doors

Modern shower doors are flameless.

This type of doors are easy to care for and clean and are mainly appreciated in the interior designs of modern homes because of their ability end simplicity to create a sense of more space which makes them more ideal for small space bathrooms.

The prominent type of the frameless shower door is the Dreamliner Enigma-X shower door which is an enclosure or tub door that guarantees an air of luxury and sophistication through its modern and frameless design.

The door’s stainless steel hardware gives a percept mix of rate quality of urban living.

The Dreamliner is treated with a clear-max that is water repellant and resistant to strains giving it easy maintenance.

Neo angle shower doors

The neo angle shower doors are upgraded doors with bow handles that have custom angles with notched return panels that accommodate the bench seat.

This door gives the shower an elegant look from the marble all the way to the tiles and glass.

Other significant features of the new angle doors are their corner design for space saving, outward door swings and the modern custom look that is suitable for small bathrooms.

Sliding shower doors

The sliding shower doors are a departure from the framed door models.

The sliding designs convey stability and elegance.

The design of sliding door is based on contemporary living principles that aim at transforming the bathroom enclosure into a masterpiece function of beauty.

Some of the features of sliding doors include frameless designs of between 56 to 60 inch adjustable opening with a door with of 31.5 inches and a height of 73.75 inches with a hardware finish of chrome.

Other features of the doors include wall mounts brackets that are adjustable to accommodate temper clear glass out of plumb walls.

The doors also have the reversible right or left side installations.

They also have a construction of stainless steel hardware that does not rust, scratch off or chip which gives the door a for life durability.

The doors also have rollers that are specially designed to make its closing effortless and absolutely smooth.

The top rail support of the door enhances and reinforces the stability of the bathroom wall.

Other magnificent features of the door include the water deflectors that redirect water to the inside of the shower and the door handles that are discrete with handles placed on the glass that is pre-drilled.

Glass shower doors

Glass shower doors are another contemporary shower door designs that are associated with urban living, glass doors come in many shapes and designs that include the clear glass doors, the low iron glass, the frosted glass, rain glass, tinted glass and the hammered glass.

Clear glass doors

The clear glass shower doors are as the name mentions made from clean glass mainly of a thick inch.

The glass is usually one-way view mainly from the inside of the bathroom.

They are rare aesthetic and give the bathroom a spa-like a look and feel.

Low iron glass

best shower doorsThe low iron glass is a magnificent glass that gives a maximum color neutrality and clarity that is guaranteed clear to the edge.

This type of glass door when it is not coated with a glass of standard tint, it amplifies the transmission of light and presents true-life views that give the bathroom a feeling of openness and boundless.

Frosted glass

Frosted glass is a translucent glass that enables blurred images while transmitting light.

In using this glass for shower doors, it allows natural lighting while protecting the visual privacy of users.

Rain glass

The rain glass as its name sounds looks like rain like when streaks of raindrops are poured into a window pane.

The rain glass has dreamy quality and gives a textured feeling of rain.

When used on shower doors, it creates a perception of rain and cleaning.

The glass also perfectly complements the modern bathing places by grounding them in earthly style.

Hammered glass

The hammered glass entail shower doors that are made of or have compartments of rolled glass that is nontransparent that is embossed on one side to resemble beaten metals.

Tinted glass

The tinted glass doors for showers entails the use of various types of glass doors mainly clear ones with a thin film of laminate that is mainly coated from the inside of the doors.

The tint is mainly made from polyester to give the door a tensile strength, clarity and a dimensional strength that gives the door the abilities to accept a wide range of embedded treatments.

Hardware and finish

Shower doors come in different varieties as does their hardware and finish.

The hardware and finish is also dependent on the type of doors used like the framed or frameless.

Different shower enclosures are characterized by extensive selections of finish options that go with the existing fixtures or faucets as well as the different glass patterns.

Irrespective of the hardware and finish used, the main objective of having the best design and style for shower doors is to have durable and aesthetic doors that complement contemporary living.

The different finishes and types of glass used on shower doors are meant to make them innovative and give a finish that is ultra-protective to increase the luster and sheen that prevents soap scum, spotting and mineral deposits

Measuring up

The measuring up of shower doors depends on the size of the bathroom and the aesthetic and design needs of the user as well as the type of doors used whether framed or frameless.

However, a sleek shower door can make clear the differences between sophisticated or average bathrooms and luxurious ones.

Before making choices on the glass to use, the finishes and frames or whether the door will slide or open, measuring up are necessary and accurate measuring is important in preventing leaks and guaranteeing a right look.

best shower head faucetThe measurement of the height of the door should be done to the nearest 1/16 inch either side of the door; that is, the top, bottom, and sides.

All measurements should be compared and the larger one saved while noting the respective sides it belongs to.

The width and opening for both top and bottom should also be measured to the nearest 1/16 inch and the larger measurement saved.

Special considerations should be taken into account when measuring up for custom doors to ensure that the shower door opens smoothly and freely.


Shower doors have many features that include water deflectors, towel rails, and shelves.

The water deflectors is a one-inch sweep vinyl that offers excellent solutions that help in deflecting water back into the enclosure of the shower.

This makes it easy for the users to manage the splitting water and cleaning of the shower door.

The towel rails are mainly metal or iron rods that are affixed to the shower door for users to hang their towels on.

It may also serve the purpose of deflecting water to the glass door when the towel is spread on them.

The shower door shelves help users to place showering tools like soaps, detergents, sponges and shaving blades among others.

The shower shelves on doors give convenience and storage to bathroom users.

How to install a sliding shower door 

It is easy to install a sliding door whether modern or traditional style.

This can be a satisfying do-it-yourself undertaking that adds value and flair to your home when done properly.

To install the doo, therefore, requires putting the door into the sliding edges and ensuring that it fits properly.

Also, be keen to ensure that the roll bars are in their place to allow a smooth slide of the door to interlock perfectly at the lock point.

After ensuring that the door is well in place and slides well to close and open as required, then the seal edge should be fastened to effectively lock the doors within the slide margins by a few inches, and there you are your sliding door is perfectly in place.

With this clear instructions and tools, the installation of the sliding door is as easy as said.

The tools used in the installation are popular tools that are found at home.

A crucial thing to remember is measuring twice and cutting only once.

This is essential in managing the top and bottom tracks of the doors for a better performance and durability.

Advantages of shower doors

best shower system reviewsWhen installing shower doors, things to consider include the costs, maintenance and aesthetic beauty of the doors and the style and door to use whether framed or frameless.

Pros for frameless shower doors

Most of these types of doors are custom made and factor in the style and design needs of the owner.

Because of this, one is not limited to shower doors that are produced by the mass markets at standard sizes.

The frameless doors also enhance the flexibility when it comes to installing them and allow the remodeling of bathrooms.

Frameless doors also look better because they don’t have the bulkiness and the baggage of frames or edges that are covered with metals, rubber or other forms of seals.

This makes them beautiful solutions for modeling shower enclosures.

Cons of frameless shower doors

Because of their customization, the frameless shower doors are expensive.

These doors also require thicker glass to help them stay in place without having to depend on the sturdiness of the frame.

Glass doors are also heavy with most weighing between 100 and 100 pounds which makes them require a sturdier hardware to put them in place.

Despite the aesthetic functions, frameless doors may fail on the performance attribute.

For instance, for the framed doors, the rubbers, seals, and other metals help the door to fit perfectly as opposed to the frameless door giving way to water leaks to outside the shower enclosure making this design associated with problems that make it not work as desired.


Shower enclosures are important places in people’s residences.

Therefore, when designing showers and the type of materials and equipment to use one needs to be careful.

Things to consider include the use of styles and designs that guarantee optimal performance.

The shower enclosure should have all the necessary features that can give the user the necessary convenience that they require.

Hence, in choosing the type of doors and frames to use, caution should be taken not to get it wrong.

This article has delved into the issue of best shower doors and all that concerns them.

In view of this article, one can successfully choose an ultimate solution for a shower door project.