Best Shower Spray Reviews in 2023

The debate as to whether best shower body jets are worth it concerning your money and time has been going on for a while now. While you can choose to ignore it, you can also join the discussions on this newest bathroom fixtures trend.

First and foremost, we all would agree that nothing beats the relaxing feeling that comes after a lengthy bath.

But what if it’s more than a standard shower can offer? That’s what custom Shower Body Sprays stand to offer.

Our Top Rated Body Spray Reviews

41epv7152SL. SL160 hansgrohe Bodyspray Square Upgrade 5-inch Modern Bodyspray in Brushed Nickel, 28472821
41y96dfVOEL. SL160 KOHLER K-8002-CP WaterTile Square Body Spray, Polished Chrome
51iRapio IL. SL160 Moen Oil Rubbed Bronze Vertical Shower Body Spray Compatible with Moen M-PACT Shower Valve System, Valve Required, A501ORB
41XmajMoFeL. SL160 American Standard 1660130.295 Round Shower Body Spray Extender, Brushed Nickel
31KB PqBGEL. SL160 Danze D460165BN Two Function Wall Mount Body Spray, 1.5 GPM, Brushed Nickel
41FOwJKXN8L. SL160 Artbath 4PCS Round Shower Body Jet Sparyer Massage Spa Rain Showerhead Side Wall Mount Shower Head Sprayer,Chrome
41qk9Aca0pL. SL160 Moen Chrome Body Spray for M-PACT System, A501
41XmajMoFeL. SL160 American Standard 1660130.295 Round Shower Body Spray Extender, Brushed Nickel
51rQ2aJQb5L. SL160 Delta T50050 Body Spray Trim with H2Okinetic Technology, Chrome
41EUuAB8DFL. SL160 KOHLER 366877 Two-Way Bodyspray, Vibrant Brushed Nickel

Are you curious to find out more? Our comprehensive body spray shower systems review article seeks to set the record straight.

Best Body Spray Reviews in 2023

Hansgrohe 28472821 Raindance S AIR Bodyspray Review

Hansgrohe 28472821 Raindance S AIR BodysprayWe choose the Hansgrohe manufacturers’ Hansgrohe Raindance Body spray on top of our shower body jets reviews for obvious reasons, and that’s its quality and style.

The shower fixture proudly displays a full square dimension of 4.8 x 1.5 x 4.8-inches, with an average weight of around 11 ounces.

The first thing that would strike you apart from its attractive shape is the bold finishes of either chrome or nickel.

And if you wouldn’t mind spending a portion of your earnings on the latest bathroom fixtures technological innovations, then this products’ new air power air technology will wow you.

The technology works to make sure you receive strong body massage jets or a rain shower with an incredible showcasing of a mix of water jets and air.

Still, on technological advancements, we cannot ignore the thoughtful use of the quick clean feature in this device as it assists to quickly get rid of the dirt in the best full body shower system.

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Hansgrohe 28472821 PROS:
  • Modern look to compliment décor
  • Adjustable 360-degrees spray
  • Wide spray face
  • Highly effective
  • 2-finishes.

Hansgrohe 28472821 CONS:
  • Occupies more space
  • Heavy shower jet spray

What we think about Hansgrohe 28472821

If what you want is a simple, classy body shower jet system with a traditional look, you can’t go wrong with the Hansgrohe 28472821 Raindance BodySpray.

KOHLER K-8002-CP WaterTile 54-Nozzle Bodyspray Review

KOHLER K-8002-CP WaterTile 54-Nozzle BodysprayOur second pick goes to the K-8002 BodySpray by KOHLER manufacturers.

And just like the Hansgrohe 28472821, this product is broad and measures 2.6-inches, with a weight of about 2 pounds.

Its frame is approximately 5-inches.

It has a sturdy construction of brass which guarantees long-term service to its users.

The body spray gives flexibility in selecting your preferable finishes that range from brushed chrome, vibrant French gold to the vibrant modern brushed gold, among others.

Also, its amazing combination of master clean sprays are easily adjustable for convenience throughout your wash-up.

With this Kohler device, you get various installation options such as wall-mounting and ceiling, which works perfectly with a flow rate of 2.5GPM.

The K-8002 BodySpray is on the middle price range thus not suitable for those operating on low budgets.

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  • ½-inch NPT connections
  • High-quality material
  • Fully adjustable sprays
  • Available in several finishes
  • Flexibility in installation

  • Requires professional installation
  • Mid-range water force

What we think about KOHLER K-8002-CP

We would recommend the K-8002 BodySpray for individuals that would like a combination of quality, impressive body coverage and reasonable price.

This unit also gives you stress-free installation and is easy to maintain.

Moen A501ORB Vertical Shower Body Spray Review

Moen A501ORB Vertical Shower Body SprayIf you’re like most people, then you would probably go for durability rather than get stuck in your budget.

And if that’s the case, then the Moen shower spray system would make you appreciate your sense of style and save you some bucks.

This product comes in a dimension of 4.3-inches, with a 13 ounces weight.

When you purchase this item, you can comfortably say goodbye to numerous fixture modifications as its material promises long-term durability.

Additionally, the Moen brand gives you different designs, so you get to choose what you like.

You can either go antique bronze, satin, chrome, wrought iron or even nickel.

The list is quite long.

It beautifully displays an incredible combination of a classic and contemporary outlook, so can comfortably fit into the existing décor.

The system of this best shower jet system operates at GPM 1.75.

You also won’t have a hard time cleaning as it’s easy to wipe on-the-go.

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Moen A501ORB PROS:
  • Fast installation
  • Perfect system fitting
  • Pretty affordable
  • Incredible single-spray pattern

Moen A501ORB CONS:
  • Smaller compared to similar products

What we think about Moen A501ORB

This product lies in the middle budget range, which is pretty affordable for most individuals.

American Standard 1660.130.295 Extender Round Body Spray Review

American Standard 1660.130.295 Extender Round Body Spray.jpgThe1660.130.295 Body Spray by American Standard manages to secure a significant portion of the best shower body jets market with its range of high-quality features.

The device has a dimension of 7.7-inches with a weight of 1 pound.

And if you love making valuable color comparisons, you would probably have fun deciding between the oil bronze, satin nickel, polished chrome and the stainless steel.

Purchase this device with the intention of receiving a complete spa experience with its s different spray modes, which include the conventional spray, combination spray, and the massage spray.

The manufacturers of this device seem to have your best interest at heart as their innovations include an angled movable body jet shower system with a 1.5 GMP.

Its front face gives you an easy cleaning task that would keep it sparkling throughout the year.

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American Standard 1660.130.295 PROS:
  • Extendable shower jet spray face
  • Includes exclusive plaster and rough-in kit
  • Flush mount
  • Angle adjustable
  • Available in various finishes.

American Standard 1660.130.295 CONS:
  • Difficulty installing round jets

What we think about American Standard 1660.130.295

The American Standard device has a lot to offer regarding the contemporary design, technological imputes and pretty affordable price.

It’s definitely worth your money.

Danze D460165BN Two Function Wall Mount Body Spray Review

Danze D460165BN Two Function Wall Mount Body SprayNext is the Danze manufacturers’ product; the Danze D460165BN Wall Mount Body Spray, which comes with a double function feature.

This wall-mounted device has been a constant mention in various shower body spray reviews due to its amazing features.

Its construction is of full brass, which means you get to invest once for lifetime benefits.

The D460165BN body spray weighs around 14 ounces and comes in a measurement of 5.4-nches.

And at its low price, it gives priority to a wide range of low-budget market segment, something that’s quite impressive.

With the Danze item, comes a ½ -inch IPS connection and its various finishes are not only eye-catching but also very easy to clean and maintain.

The body spray’s unique ball joint provides directional settings to give you the mounting convenience you so deserve.

This shower with body sprays contains both spray and massage spray settings that boost the functionality of its multi-spray modes.

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Danze D460165BN PROS:
  • Different sprays settings
  • High-quality full brass material
  • High-efficiency levels

Danze D460165BN CONS:
  • Limited flow massage mode reports

What we think about Danze D460165BN

We love the way the way this devices’ sprays are working, plus they’re of high-quality.

It’s also quite challenging to find a well-functioning device like Danze D460165BN at such a price, so better take advantage!

Artbath Shower Body Sprayer Massage Spa Jets Brass Side Spray Shower Review

Artbath Shower Body Sprayer Massage Spa Jets Brass Side Spary ShowerBooking regular spa appointments at your favorite joint can take a toll on your expenditures.

However, you can now rest easy with the Shower Body Sprayer By Artbath.

The product works to wash away all your frustrations and instill a soothing effect on your body in one of your favorite rooms in your home; the bathroom.

After investing in this body spray, you don’t have to purchase extraordinary bathroom hardware as it functions well with standard accessories.

It gets even better if you’re in America as its 1/2-inch NPT connections perfectly fit within the average American standards for high efficiency.

Also, if you have a few masonry skills, you can easily install the device by yourself as the manufacturers are sure to include an instructional manual and all necessary hardware, so you get to save of some bucks.

Ensure to enjoy timely and long fulfilling baths with this several high-quality patterns body jets.

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Artbath Shower Body Sprayer PROS:
  • Has various Pattern packs
  • Highly reflective finish
  • Long hose offers convenience

Artbath Shower Body Sprayer CONS:
  • Only wall-mounted

What we think about Artbath Shower Body Sprayer

The Shower Body Sprayer by Artbath comes with a real stainless steel hose.

It makes an excellent bathroom addition for families with small children, so they get to shower without help.

Moen A501 Body Spray for M-PACT System Review

Moen A501 Body Spray for M-PACT SystemThe Moen A501 body spray makes it to our top ten shower body jets reviews, thanks to its overwhelming demand and positive customer reviews.

We attribute a portion of its success to its sturdy construction guaranteeing its users of life-long durability and reliability.

This product measures 4.2 x 2.9 x 2.4-inches, with a weight of about 7 ounces.

And if you love shopping for quality among quantity, you’ll like the ten different finishes this body shower has to offer, so you select a perfect match for other bathroom fixtures.

It also comes in a traditional look with a touch of modern, which is a plus for buyers with love for classic accessories.

You don’t have to tire yourself searching for a quality and affordable device for your low-budget needs this device is already on a low-range budget.

The device gives you convenience with the easily adjustable directional sprays, so you can relax and enjoy your showering.

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Moen A501 PROS:
  • Fits with M-Pact system
  • Small shower with jets
  • One-Spray pattern
  • Awesome look

Moen A501 CONS:
  • Too rubust for close showering

What we think about Moen A501

This body jets showering system has a lot to offer to its buyers.

Its high-quality construction makes it an ideal pick for shower spray head remodeling.

American Standard 1660.125.295 Trevi Deluxe Adjustable Body/Side Spray Review

American Standard 1660.125.295 Trevi Deluxe Adjustable Body Side SprayYou can never go wrong with a purchase of the American Standard brand range of products.

The Standard 1660.125.295 Trevi Deluxe is actual proof to this as it works to offer the much-needed versatility in the bath space.

Although it has limitations on the number of finishes (offers only two), it compensates well for that with the full metal high-quality material body that would ensure you grow with it over the years.

And if there is one more feature that makes this product stand out, then it’s its flexible ring and quickly adjustable variable spray and spray position that would make you want to spend more time in the shower.

The Standard 1660.125.295 Trevi Deluxe leaves no room for corrosion as its auto-cleaning technology comes in handy to get rid of any chances of limescale building, so it remains germ-free for your skin protection.

This item has a dimension of 5.8 x 4.9 x 3.3-inches, operates at GPM 2.5 and weighs about 11

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American Standard 1660.125.295 PROS:
  • Non-lime scale
  • Adjustable sprays
  • Contemporary design

American Standard 1660.125.295 CONS:
  • Faulty spray patterns reports

What we think about American Standard 1660.125.295

We recommend this device because it has few budget limitations.

Also with a 2.5 GPM operation, it’s much stronger than other similar-range products.

Delta T50050 Body Spray Review

Delta T50050 Body SprayLast but not least is the Delta T50050, which is a body spray from the famous Delta brand.

This product offers a unique and breath-taking showering experience that distinguishes it from similar items, as its H2Okinetic technological innovation proudly displays fantastic spray patterns with noticeably large water drops.

But that doesn’t mean the system would use more water.

In fact, on the contrary, its water efficient, thus ideal for eco-friendly households.

With its 4-inch square face, the Delta body spray would comfortably wet your entire body, while offering you convenience as to whether to adjust it vertically or horizontally for your preference.

And just like most shower system products in this review list, this device contains different finishes to withstand market-preference pressure.

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Delta T50050 PROS:
  • Reasonable price
  • Wide spray face
  • Eco-friendly
  • Offers placement convenience
  • Makes use of the newest H2Okinetic technology

Delta T50050 CONS:
  • Doesn’t come with a rough-in body spray
  • Decreasing water force with more showers

What we think about Delta T50050

You have nothing to regret about on the purchase of this product, especially if the quality is your priority.

KOHLER K-8510-BN Shower Jet System Review

KOHLER K-8510-BN MasterShower Two-Way BodysprayWe close our top-ten shower Body Sprays favorites with the K-8510-BN Bodyspray By KOHLER.

The product works to provide you with a full home Jacuzzi experience with its incredible set of spray settings.

With it, you can switch to the full spray mode for a quick whole body wash-up, the massaging pulse spray for those tense body pressure points and the pause option to let you relax and breathe in the relaxing atmosphere.

This item can last you a lifetime without signs of tearing, corrosion or even fading, something that makes it beat the current durability test, with an excellent positioning at two-times reliability rate.

You can comfortably enjoy a lengthy showering session with this body spray as 1.5 gallons flow rate per minute is sufficient enough.

The small round form of the K-8510-BN Bodyspray makes it a perfect fit for your small space.

Get more info about Kohler shower jet system on

  • Excellent combination of classic and modern style
  • Great for three-position setting
  • Excellent for back and neck massage
  • Very efficient

  • Works best in multiples

What we think about KOHLER K-8510-BN

The KOHLER K-8510-BN MasterShower Bodyspray makes an excellent replacement for a multi-head shower system.

It’s also easy to install and clean, thus a worthy purchase.

What makes them different?

First, we have to agree that any additional fixture or accessory to your bathroom space is going to make a difference.

That’s the reason as to why you bought it in the first place, right?

However, there so many other things you’ve to consider to achieve significant results.

For example, you would appreciate knowing that the more body jets you have in place, the better the experience you’ll gain.

You have to conduct everything in moderation.

A set of four body jets make a perfect combination for a small space, which gives more convenience to those with large shower enclosures.

Remember to consider the various water spray designs and their finishes.

Get something that would complement other fixtures.

Do Body Jets Require Massive Bathroom Modifications?

To save yourself from extra expenditures, we highly recommend that you purchase best shower sprays that go in line with your current plumbing needs.

You, however, have to ensure you get a constant supply of high-pressure water.

Additionally, the diverter you get for your system would heavily depend on its make, so pay close attention to that as well.

Remember, the more versatile it’s, the better.

Is There Any Major Distinction Between Body Jets and Shower Heads?

For most people, the definition of a shower head comes pretty simple as this remains the major showering fixture in most households.

Typically, it would involve a wall-mounted shower head that rains water down on you as you wash-up.

Contrary to that, body jets as their name suggest a focus on the body, giving a thorough clean-up of various pressure points at different pressures and water volume.

Their installation procedure provides a vertical outlook, and it involves multi-sprayers.

src=”×266.jpg” alt=”modern shower” width=”400″ height=”266″ />The best height for shower body sprays is way below that of standard shower heads, thus are the ultimate most fulfilling’s showering experience fixtures.

Body Sprays Shower System Installation Tips

We believe that by now you must agree with us that a complete shower system should incorporate body sprays.

Now that we are on the same side let’s take you through the necessary planning procedure and final installation of your best shower jets.

  • Hot and cold water mixing process.

How will you go about it?

  • Is your present mixing valve water pressure sufficient to serve your increasing shower system needs?
  • What kind of diverter will you use on the peripheral spray outlets?
  • Is a peripheral spray diverter necessary?
  • How many body sprays can your current water supply comfortably accommodate?

Take enough time to cross-examine each of the questions above and give honest answers.

If you feel lost, you can engage the services of a professional contractor.

Once you manage to figure everything out, you can now think about the designs you require and the necessary additions/changes.

What Is The Best Height for Shower Body Sprays?

The crucial part of effective functioning best shower jets would involve the comfort of the shower users.

Therefore, if there’re multiple family members in the house, the chances are that they are of different heights.

Ensure they all gain access to the most body jet locations, as you wouldn’t like the wave of discrimination.

Also, although it might not cross your mind at the moment, there will come a time when you’ll be too weak or exhausted merely to stand in the shower.

So a system that would give you a thorough clean even when sitting would come in handy.

While you can’t do everything to perfection to suit all circumstances, you can at least ensure that every user enjoys the easy access of the diverter control and the shower valve remains at least 36-inches from the floor.

body sprayAdditionally, use the height of the tallest person in the house to get accurate measurements for shower head mounting and the shortest for the lowest body spray placement.

Considerations for Best Shower System with Body Jets Placement

Water Pressure

This depends on the number of body sprays you install.

The more you have, the more pressure they’ll require.

So ensure to have a pressure-balancing loop in place for efficiency.

Some areas are generally prone to low water pressure, so you’ll have to figure out on how to boost that pressure to a desirable rate.

Hot Water

To safeguard yourself and your loved ones, having an automatic valve in place will ensure you don’t get burnt even when things go wrong.

Also, remember the more jets you have, the more hot water you’ll require.

So do you already have a hot water system in place?

Water Usage

The amount of water you use in your household will significantly increase as soon as your shower system is running.

So include more water bill expenditures in your budget.

A large shower system will use more water as opposed to a small one.

Shower users

Apart from the height of your household members, there are other factors such as their age, physical fitness, and preferences that you’ve to keep in mind.

For instance, some individuals love taking their shower in a sitting position, while others have health conditions that wouldn’t allow them t stand for long.

The same case applies to the amount of time they each take in the shower as it will significantly affect the amount of hot/cold water use.


As you can see, having a proper shower system in place is an objective decision-making process.

Our best body spray shower systems reviews help you through it all.