10 Best Shower Enclosure Reviews in 2024

Finding the best shower enclosure for your bathroom becomes a big deal, if efficiency and style are what you are after in your showering area. As much as it might be easy to select the shape of the shower, other components matter as well, and that would include the space at hand, sustainability and so much more. Today’s article and shower enclosure reviews seeks to give you an in-depth view of all you need to know about best shower enclosures for your bath.

Our Top Rated Shower Enclosures

# Title
1 51KtwaeALyL. SL160 DreamLine Elegance Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosure in Chrome
2 51Fh2t16ILL. SL160 DreamLine Prism Frameless Neo-Angle Pivot Shower Enclosure in Chrome
3 51K8q99Qd3L. SL160 DreamLine Prime Semi-Frameless Clear Glass Sliding Shower Enclosure in Brushed Nickel with White Base Kit
4 31VJsHnFsvL. SL160 Ove Decors Breeze with walls Premium Shower Kit with Acrylic Base and Walls and Clear Glass Sliding Door
5 51yunB7MuXL. SL160 VIGO Piedmont Frameless Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure with Clear Glass and Brushed Nickel Hardware
6 DreamLine French Corner Sliding Shower Enclosure in Satin Black and Corner Drain Black Base Kit
7 51CstoC2mCL. SL160 Aston Neoscape GS Completely Frameless Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure with Glass Shelves
8 41FAT+3bJzL. SL160 VIGO Verona Clear Glass Corner Frameless Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure, Hinged Shower Door with Magnalock Technology
9 513AenUdVfL. SL160 Aston Avalux Completely Frameless Hinged Shower Enclosure, Stainless Steel
10 31gjq92MvML. SL160 STERLING Solitaire Neo Angle Shower Kit Nickel, White with Nickel Frame/Clear Glass

Best Shower Enclosure Reviews in 2024

DreamLine Elegance Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosure Review

DreamLine Elegance Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosure ReviewIf giving a contemporary look to your bath is your priority, then you need the DreamLine Elegance best frameless shower enclosure.

It proudly comes with a frameless structure of 34 Diameter, 34 Width, and 72 Height.

This DreamLine product doesn’t disappoint with the 28-inch walk-in opening that would allow easy access.

The shower enclosure also has a chrome hardware finish that stands to offer its users durability and elegance.

With a premium glass of 10mm and water and stain resistant coating, you can be sure to get value for your money.

The DreamLine shower enclosure has anodized aluminium wall profiles for easy adjustability hence can be used on uneven walls.

This best enclosure has a sturdy brass construction that guarantees long-life and Reliability.

And to top it all, product’s glass structure comprises of ANSI certified tempered glass for a sleek modern outlook.

DreamLine Elegance PROS:
  • Flexible installation thanks to the adjustable walls
  • Long-lasting water and corrosion resistant glass structure
  • Frameless glass for a thrilling airy showering experience
  • Clean, modern lines for a fantastic look

DreamLine Elegance CONS:
  • Requires professional installation

What we think about DreamLine Elegance

The DreamLine brand places themselves on top of the competition with this classy but straightforward shower enclosure addition to their line of products.

Its price is a match to its outstanding features.

DreamLine Prism Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosure Review

DreamLine Prism Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosure ReviewFollowing in the footsteps of DreamLine Elegance, the DreamLine SHEN neo-angle shower enclosure stands to offer specific amazing features.

The shower enclosure has a frameless glass design that would give your shower an open feel.

It comes in the dimensions of 341/8 * 341/8 * 72 inches (D.W.H) to give an amazing 22 7/16 inches walk-in opening for convenient accessibility.

The DreamLine product also doesn’t disappoint with its two 17-inch stainless steel stationary panels that offer you long-life durability.

It also comes in a Brushed Nickel finish with a 1-3/8 in. flooring threshold depth

And if you want to try out something different, you can get the optional matching SlimLine shower base of 36 in. X 36 in. with a separate matching base for your preference.

Additionally, the glass structure of this best shower enclosure from DreamLine is an outstanding premium 10mm, with ANSI certified tempered glass for the modern, trendy look.

DreamLine Prism PROS:
  • Contains an exclusive ClearMax protective Anti-lime glass coating
  • Durable Stainless Steel panels
  • Beautiful Brushed Nickel finish
  • Has an optional matching SlimLine shower base

DreamLine Prism CONS:
  • Requires Contractor installation

What we think about DreamLine Prism

The DreamLine SHEN neo-angle shower enclosure is a correct definition of a modern fixture in the contemporary bathroom space.

Its additional optional base makes it outstanding.

DreamLine Prime Shower Enclosure and Base Review

DreamLine Prime Shower Enclosure and Base ReviewIf you have a specific love for neo-angle shaped shower enclosures, then you would probably love the DreamLine DL-6701-01CL Prime.

The product is from a 6mm tempered glass with a reinforcement of fiberglass aluminium wall profiles that accommodate up to 1. Inches.

Its dimensions 31 3/8 *31 3/8 * 72 inches (D.W.H) gives its users fixing flexibility to ensure a watertight closure.

The DreamLine product also has a 17 9/16 inches walk-in that would comfortably accommodate all your movements.

Additionally, the 10 1/2 inches two stainless steel panels ensure you get value for your money with long-term service provision.

With this shower enclosure comes a chrome finish that would go a long way into complementing other bathroom fixtures.

Its shower base of 33.D x 33 .W x 2.75 inches Height is scratch and stain resistant and is made complete with a slip-resistant texture to ensure your safety.

DreamLine Prime PROS:
  • Contains a slip-resistant texture
  • Stain and Scratch-resistant
  • Stylish design
  • Great for small space

DreamLine Prime CONS:
  • Doesn’t include drain
  • Requires professional installation

What we think about DreamLine Prime

With its elegant design and acrylic stain and slip-resistant features, the DreamLine DL-6701-01CL Prime remains a competitive pick in the market.

Value for money is what you get.

Ove Decors Breeze 31 Shower Kit with Acrylic Base Review

Ove Decors Breeze 31 Shower Kit with Acrylic Base ReviewOve Decors manufacturers are giving DreamLine a run for the best shower enclosures customers’ favorite in the market, with their Ove Decors Breeze 31 withwalls Premium.

The product comes with a potent 6mm tempered transparent glass door that stands to offer durability and incredible airy shower experience you desire.

It also contains a complete premium shower kit that would provide you with lots of convenience in your bathroom. They include the acrylic base and walls, coupled with an attractive sliding glass door for easy maneuvering.

With this Ove Decors shower enclosure comes a shower door which can be installed to left or right-side opening, and that stands to offer its user’s installation flexibility.

Its panel contains a side installation and has a kit handle and are resistant to damage, hence can serve you for a lifetime with proper care.

You can comfortably fit this item at any corner of your bathroom and get to enjoy its outstanding features right away.

Ove Decors Breeze 31 PROS:
  • Made of Sturdy construction
  • A perfect fit for corners
  • Contains a complete shower kit

Ove Decors Breeze 31 CONS:
  • Difficult to install
  • Poor wall quality reports

What we think about Ove Decors Breeze 31

Ove Decors Breeze 31 withwalls Premium provides a right on budget features for your space limitation needs.

However, we hope they address the wall quality complaints soon for maximum experience.

VIGO Piedmont Frameless Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure Review

VIGO Piedmont Frameless Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure ReviewJust like the Ove Decors, the VIGO brand manages to get a portion of shower enclosures customers with its wide range of products such as the VIGO Piedmont Frameless Neo-Angle.

The shower enclosure proudly displays a top-notch thick glass of 34.125 x 34.125 x 73.375-in (W.L.H)

It also comes with a long-lasting door swing of 24.625-in complete with a chrome hardware finish.

With this Vigo product, you receive robust glass support for your out-of-plumb bathroom walls while enjoying the view of the outdoors and other surrounding environments through the transparent tempered glass.

Additionally, the door installation provides a lot of flexibility with its left and right reversible components, complete with strategic placement of a central entrance for ease of passage.

The construction of this shower enclosure out of pure brass with stainless steel moving parts to guarantee durability and reliability.

There is also a single water deflector that redirects water to the shower insides for better functionality.

VIGO Piedmont PROS:
  • Contains seal strips to prevent water leakage
  • Has a fixed arm support
  • Stylish towel bar
  • Corrosion and scratch-resistant
  • Strong construction

VIGO Piedmont CONS:
  • Difficult installation
  • Leakage reports

What we think about VIGO Piedmont

The VIGO Piedmont Frameless Neo-Angle offers incredible features at its price.

And it could do better with an elaborative installation manual for its users.

DreamLine French Corner framed Sliding Shower Enclosure Review

DreamLine French Corner framed Sliding Shower Enclosure ReviewThe DreamLine French Corner Shower comes ready for easy installation for bathroom corner locations.

The product is an excellent way to maximize your bathroom space with a touch of class, with is daring black windowpane design.

Its dimensions stand at 34.5 * 34 *72-inches (W.L.H) with glass panels of 16-3/4 inches each.

With this shower enclosure, you receive the flexibility to reduce the dimension sizes by ½ inch to suit your needs.

Another attractive feature of this DreamLine product is its 20-3/4 inches walk-in door for easy accessibility.

It also has a 4mm thick tempered glass, which guarantees quality with its firm hold of panels for extra strength.

The shower enclosure offers watertight services with its impressive design of magnetic door latch for maximum seal.

This product is heavy duty, thanks to its high-quality construction. Thus you would require extra help to install.

There is also an attractive limited one year Warranty that comes with it.

DreamLine French Corner PROS:
  • Sturdy construction
  • Leak prevention mechanism
  • Spacious enough for a corner shower
  • Stylish

DreamLine French Corner CONS:
  • Doesn’t contain a drain
  • Needs better packaging

What we think about DreamLine French Corner

“You can never go wrong with DreamLine products,” and the DreamLine French Corner Shower Enclosure is another confirmation of the statement.

It’s an incredible combination of beauty, comfort, and budget-friendly.

Aston SEN991-SS-34-10 Neoscape Completely Frameless Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure Review

Aston SEN991-SS-34-10 Neoscape Completely Frameless Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure ReviewThe Aston SEN991-SS-34-10 Neoscape is an excellent combination of elegance and style.

This neo-angle shaped shower enclosure comes to offer its users a frameless transparent glass enclosure, with a solid base.

With this Aston product, you get to enjoy a watertight shower enclosure with its amazing full-length clear seals.

It also makes use of flexible engineering through an impressive demonstration of left or right reversible door installation.

The shower enclosure contains self-closing hinges, to ensure safety and orderliness t all-times. So you don’t have to bother about forgetting to close the door.

Its stainless steel finish is a clear demonstration of the long-life service you stand to gain with this item.

The dimensions of the item proudly stand at 32 15/16″ – 33 5/16″ for the width, which assures easy accessibility

You can gladly install this door in the most suitable corner of your bathroom and get to enjoy extra décor with various finishes (chrome, stainless steel, and oil-rubbed Bronze).

Aston SEN991-SS-34-10 PROS:
  • Full-length seals to prevent water leakage
  • Self-closing hinges

Aston SEN991-SS-34-10 CONS:
  • No shower pan

What we think about Aston SEN991-SS-34-10

The Aston SEN991-SS-34-10 Neoscape offers what it promises precisely.

Its contemporary design makes it relevant to the competitive shower enclosures market.

VIGO Verona Frameless Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure Review

VIGO Verona Frameless Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure ReviewThe Vigo brand is at it again with the VIGO Verona 42.125 x 42.125 Frameless Shower Enclosure.

The product comes with a 375-inches frameless glass design of 42.125* 42.125* 76.75-inches (W.L.H.) and an incredible door swing of about 26 inches or 25.875-inches to be precise.

The clear tempered glass stands to offer you a transparent overview of your surrounding as you take a shower to get you aware of what’s going on around you.

The durable glass support of this product easily adjusts to accommodate the out-of-plumb walls, so can be used on the uneven surface.

When you purchase this shower enclosure, you receive a reversible left and right door installation flexibility, together with a central opening for accessibility purposes.

Additionally, the construction of this item out of stainless steel, inclusive of all the moving parts.

So in other terms, you won’t have to worry about scratches or loss triggering rusts.

  • Seal stripes hinge for water-leakage prevention
  • Guaranteed stability with the fixed arms
  • Single water deflectors

  • Large cut-out hinges

What we think about VIGO Verona

The VIGO Verona 42.125 x 42.125 is nice with a good quality thick glass.

It’s however, quite tricky to install and align the doors.

Aston Avalux Completely Frameless Hinged Shower Enclosure Review

Aston Avalux Completely Frameless Hinged Shower Enclosure ReviewShower enclosures that offer a lot of installation and space fitting flexibility are customers’ favorites in the market.

And the Aston Avalux is no exception. The product comes in different sizes for your selection according to the space at hand.

And as if that’s not enough, you get to select from the different available finishes, which include; stainless steel, chrome, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze.

With this best shower enclosure, you receive a reversible left and right door installation, which eases up the fixing procedure.

There is also a front fixed panel of about 10-inches and a side fixed panel of 32-inches, all of these depending on the size you select.

The width adjustability of this Aston product goes from around 32 x 32 1/8″ – 32 x 32 1/8″, which also depends on the size of your choice.

However, the glass door dimension is quite constant on all door sizes at 22-inches, with a sleek rectangular shape.

Aston Avalux PROS:
  • High-quality glass and hardware
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Awesome colors to select

Aston Avalux CONS:
  • Professional installation
  • Wide hinge gaps

What we think about Aston Avalux

At its price, this Aston Avalux shower stall offers its price some of the best features for perfect bathroom installation.

Sterling Plumbing 2375-42N-G05 Solitaire Neo Angle Shower Kit Review

Sterling Plumbing 2375-42N-G05 Solitaire Neo Angle Shower Kit ReviewOur list couldn’t be complete without a mention of the Sterling plumbing 2375-42N-G05 shower enclosure.

The item ranks fairy great in the market thanks to its amazing features.

It makes use of the CleanCoat technology to form a substantial barrier between the water and glass for the durability of your shower glass.

This shower enclosure is one of the simplest to clean as it has a high-gloss finish.

It also gives you adequate showering space with its recessed walls, so you get to enjoy your shower-time.

The shower door of the Sterling Plumbing 2375-42N-G05 Solitaire Neo Angle is made up of 1/4″ frameless tempered safety glass, to keep you and your loved ones away from unnecessary bathroom accidents.

Also, the walls and the base of this Sterling Plumbing product is of molded high-impact polystyrene that guaranteed long service to your household.

And the dimensions stand at 29.4 x 29.4 x 78.2 inches.

Sterling Plumbing 2375-42N-G05 PROS:
  • Comes with a 10-year limited residential warranty
  • Stylish neo-angle shape
  • Saves on space

Sterling Plumbing 2375-42N-G05 CONS:
  • Low-quality base
  • Hard to find a floor replacement pan

What we think about Sterling Plumbing 2375-42N-G05

If you’re searching for a large accommodating neo shower enclosure, then you could probably bet with the 42-inch Sterling plumbing 2375-42N-G05 Solitaire.

Nevertheless, be ready for additional purchases and regular maintenance checks.

Choosing the Best Shower Enclosure; What to Consider?

Choosing between a shower door and a shower enclosure isn’t a simple choice for most homeowners. So when you finally settle for the shower enclosure, the next obvious step is to make up your mind on what would perfectly suit your needs. But what should top your list of consideration?

First, you have to pay keen attention to the budget you have at hand. As much as you would want the best for your home, you wouldn’t want to overspend. Once you have the budget at hand, you can now ask yourself the following questions;

How many walls do I have available?

The number and size of walls you have will go a long way into determining the type of, shower enclosure you would get. And it doesn’t stop there; the options also stretch to the shape of the enclosure and the size. For instance, you cannot compare the flexibility that comes with two walls with that of one wall.

A single wall gives only two options of a three-sided or d-shaped enclosure. On the other hand, with two partitions, you can have a quadrant, bow front, sliding doors, pivot doors, etc.

What’s the bathroom height?

Since the standard size of a shower enclosure is around 1850mm-1900mm, it’s only fair that you place this into consideration in your search for the perfect shower. However, don’t forget to keep in mind the height of the shower tray. Make sure you leave an allowance between the shower enclosure and the ceiling to allow the flow of fresh air as you bathe.

How much space do I have?

Once you have thought of the perfect location for your shower enclosure, it’s time to consider the space you would like to utilize. Having a vast area would ensure your comfort and elevate your shower experience. For example, having a glass door swinging right into other fixtures such as the toilet seat is not only risky but also gives a messy look, something that you would like to avoid. The same case applies to slide, and rolling doors as safety measures are a significant part of sleek outlook.

Remember to pay particular attention to warranty details, once you’re satisfied with your selection. And the guarantee period differs across manufacturers, most of them offer a decent period.

Does the shower tray waste require new plumbing?

Having a waste pipe in line with the location of your shower enclosure would be an excellent way to achieve convenience. There are two great ways to handle this, and they include having a direct connection of the tray waste to the main soil pipe or through a second pipe leading to the soil pipe.

Either way, if you desire to achieve a neat look, ensure you conceal the pipes well, within the surfaces(s)

Tips on Choosing The Best Shower Enclosure

The Door Styles

Pivot Doors; also commonly referred to as swinging doors, this type of entry has a smooth construction that allows it to open outwards without strain. Although some people opt to use the pivot door on large spaces, it makes an ideal pick for small areas that feature a small entrance door. With this type of entry, you get an excellent combination for your glass shower enclosures that would reveal a clean and contemporary outlook.

The Sliding Door; just like other shower enclosures, these come with a wide variety of price and shape options for your preference. The sliding door also works perfectly in small spaces so you wouldn’t have to worry about a significant appearance for your bath area. However, you have to ensure you purchase a door that’s water resistant to ensure it closes and opens quickly, considering its frequent exposure to moisture.

Hinged doors; if you love a little bit of flexibility, then you would probably like the hinged doors. They offer you the option to fix them into opening inwardly or outwardly and are an excellent pick for neo-angle shower enclosures. The secret to the durability of these type of doors lies in their rust-resistance and anti-leakage capabilities, so be sure to examine on the same before you purchase.

The Shapes of the Enclosure

Curve-shaped; just as its name suggests, this type of enclosure curves either inwardly or outwardly to give an attractive outlook for your bath. Their construction is generally of high standards, and it incorporates all the necessary precautions to ensure you get value for your money.

Square/Rectangular-Shaped; these are the kind of enclosures that you would probably find in most homes. The reason for this could be the flexibility they offer I terms of space exploitation and the various designs they offer. And whereas the rectangle enclosures make a perfect match for large spaces, their squire counterparts work best I small rooms.

Neo-Angle; this type of enclosures are common in households with a stand-alone shower. With the neo-angle shower enclosure, you can flexibly work with a hinged door with an option to install the opening either to the right or left side. If you are working in small spaces, you can opt to place the door in the middle of the neo-angle enclosure to ensure convenience and a better bathing experience for yourself/ family.

The Type of Glass

Typically the type of glass door you select for your shower enclosure is purely your choice and might heavily depend on the budget at hand. Whichever case, however, ensure to go for a long-lasting option that would save you on frequent maintenance and replacement costs.

We came up with a fantastic list of tips to guide you in decision making;

  • You don’t have to spend much to get quality glass. For instance, a 4mm-6mm pick would work perfectly fine if you’re working on a tight budget or doesn’t prefer thick glass.
  • When settling for the design, keep in mind that the larger/curvier it gets, the thinner its glass construction gets. So if you prefer a thicker version, it would be advisable to go for medium size.
  • An excellent combination of durability, safety, and cleaning convenience comes with thicker glass choices of around 8mm-10mm. Therefore, you now know what to go for in case you have a large budget and prefer long-term durability.
  • Keeping in mind that a shower is one of the most water-prone areas of your bathroom, it would be wise to settle for a safety toughened glass.

Do I need a Tray?

Shower enclosures come in various designs with some including trays while others come without trays. So if you’re about to include one in your collection, you have to thoroughly consider their pros and cons and choose what would benefit you most.

To begin with, a shower enclosure with a tray makes the installation process pretty simple for you as the tray provides room for shower door fixing. And since the door fits perfectly into space, it places the area into maximum utilization, thus minimizing water leakages as you take a shower.

However, if you decide to purchase both the tray and the enclosure separately, you should take a keen interest in the tray size and that of the door to ensure they are highly compatible. So the answer is a definite, yes. You need a tray to avoid the water mess throughout your bathroom as this can be dangerous.

Is it a must to tile?

Although most people prefer tiles for their bathrooms, it doesn’t necessarily make it a must do a thing if you aren’t comfortable with it as you can always choose to be unique. However, for hygienic reasons you might want to consider at least tiling the shower section if the entire bathroom tiling appearance doesn’t appeal to you.

Here are a few guidelines you need to keep in mind when that tiling moment comes;

  • To ensure the protection of the walls and the floor of a wet room, make sure you have tiling plans in place to avoid damaging the walls. The option is essential if you are planning to have an all-around enclosed area. Nevertheless, a walk-in shower would save you on the floor tiling expenses with the installation of a tray.
  • A recess shower calls for extra precautions that would include proper tiling of the shower area walls. It’s therefore vital to consider this to ensure you get the right type and amount of tiles that would cover the necessary space while leaving room for the tray.

Which way should I hand fit? Left or Right?

Before you decide on the opening and closing formulae for your enclosure, ensure you have everything including the available space and surrounding fixtures in mind. For example, you would want to avoid placing an opening towards the toilet door, shelf stand or other substantial obstructions. Once you get to figure all of this out, you can now decide on the perfect location for the tray and get to maximize on the space.

The Thickness of the Glass

As we had mentioned earlier, the thickness of the glass dictates its durability. So if you want value for your money, you can always settle for the 4mm-10mm glass thickness range.

The fantastic 4mm shower enclosures; although they might not be as thick as you might prefer, this type of glasses guarantee value for your money. Go for a body construction of aluminium frames, and you would never go wrong. They should be easy to install and give a sleek look.

The Luxury 8mm Enclosures; this type of enclosure glasses are made up of a premium body construction, and their finishes are highly polished for a long-lasting shine. They come in either brass or aluminium and make a perfect fit for contemporary bathrooms.

The high-quality 6mm shower enclosures; here you get the variety of designs and sizes that you want to work for both small and large spaces. They offer better durability than the 4mm ones and contain thick-polished profiles.

The 10mm premium Shower enclosures; this one is best for wet rooms, walk-ins and showers. You can choose to have them frameless and make use of the wide variety of sizes. Their floor locators and support arms have to be of a stiff material such as brass.

Various Types of Shower Enclosures

When it comes to shower enclosures, you get to select from multiple designs and sizes just like other bath fixtures. Here are a few collections of what to expect in the market;

Quadrant Shower Enclosures

This type give you a variety of options to suit your space and style. Their design is also a plus as they work best with small areas, a case that’s very evident with the sliding door enclosures. And since they offer excellent glass thickness options, you get to a durability guarantee.

Frameless Shower Enclosures and Doors

If you’re searching for something modern to blend in with your sleek style, then this could make a great option. The frameless enclosures and doors give your bathroom space a neat look with a lot of freshness.

Sliding Doors and Shower Enclosures

Having a sliding door in the bath area brings a lot of conveniences not only because it offers simple navigation but also due to its ability to save up on space. You can choose this kind of enclosures when you want effortless access to the shower or when you have children/elderly in the house.

If you want an open bathroom with less privacy and a touch of freshness and connectivity to the outside world, then you can go for a glass sliding shower door. Here you can either go frame/frameless with the already available varieties in the market.

Space Saving Shower Enclosures

The aspect of space saving is usually at the center of homeowners working with limited space. So in most cases, individuals would go for D-shaped shower enclosures that are easy to compact into a small space. With this type, comes to the D shaped try and glass construction that offers ample space in areas surrounding the shower. Hence you get to have a memorable shower experience. And just like other accessories, you would find them in different designs and finishes to complement your décor.

Hinged shower enclosures and doors

Hinged shower enclosures give your bathroom an attractive modern feel that would make you want to brag to your friends. If you settle for this type, choose one with long-lasting handles such those with chrome finishes to last you a lifetime. With this type of doors, you can experience the airy outdoor atmosphere right at the comfort of your shower stand and get to enjoy the sensational feel of water washing away the frustrations of the day. They also offer their users unique features that would ensure they stand out from the crowd.

Bi-fold door enclosures and doors

As their name suggests, this kind of entry is a favorite pick for homeowners with less bathroom space. The door folds within the shower area, thus saving up on the coverage of their stretching counterparts. You can go for this shower enclosure if you feel you require more space at the entrance of the cabinet without necessarily moving in the way of other surrounding fixtures.

Pivot Shower enclosures and doors

Due to the flexibility, they offer during the installation process; it’s no doubt as to why pivot shower enclosures make to the top list of the most preferred household shower enclosures. Customers of various pivot doors manufacturers get the chance to select between the right, left and center pivoting options something that most doors don’t offer.

Their designs allow the use of hinges, although it all depends on the size and shape of bath you have in place. However, it would be an excellent idea to consider the placement of other surrounding area accessories, since you will rarely find an inward opening pivot shower door.

You can purchase them, in different finishes such as chrome and frosted glass, which will provide you with a long-term service.

Shower Cabins

A shower cabin offers a thrilling gateway shower experience in one of your favorite homerooms. For most manufacturers (if not all). The cabin comes with a fantastic combination of essential top-notch showering system that ideally comprises of adjustable body jets, standard shower kit, towel holder, mirror and even a bench. Think of it as a modern less expensive and flexible Jacuzzi in your space! Who doesn’t like the idea, right?

Combine all these with the frameless glass finish, and you will have more reasons to arrive home early for your “spa” date.

Installation Procedure of a Shower Enclosure

Installing a shower enclosure shouldn’t be difficult if you already have some masonry skills and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty.

Nevertheless, you can hire a professional to do the work, and you get to enjoy the outcome.

Better yet, if there is someone who wouldn’t mind lending a helping hand, you can opt for that as well. The bottom line here is to get it all done and ready for use as soon as possible. So if you’re up to the challenge and would like to showcase your prowess, then here are a few initial steps to guide you through the thrilling journey. Enjoy

  1. Make prior preparation of the installation location; before you even think of going to the market to get your favorite shower enclosure, take time to figure out a strategic position for it, as this is one of the preparation steps.

After that, you can now conduct a few plumbing procedures such as drilling holes where necessary and get the right waste managing pipes in place. Remember to also decide on the type and size of tiles you would require.

  1. Base and Wall Panels Installation; the shower base should at least contain a 1-inch layer. You can then attach the walls to the drill holes with the help of a friend and secure them in place with quality nails.
  2. Securing the hinges and frames; this applies to showers that contain panels and frames. Vertical structures fit best on glass panels. Now secure everything else before fixing the shower heads and remember to test its tightness.

Additional Extras

There are various extras you might want to consider in your bathroom renovation.

Shower systems; shower systems add luxury to your shower enclosure. They offer you a variety of shower parts to give you a memorable showering experience.

Shower Panels; this is another part that you shouldn’t ignore. Shower panels rejuvenate your bathing experience by eliminating the monotony of the traditional shower system.

Digital Shower Controllers; always remember extras such as digital showers. They make it simple for you to regulate the temperatures and shower flow, for a thrilling experience.

Rainfall Head Showers; showers are the fastest way to clean up. But a rainfall head shower ensures you enjoy every bit of it.

Body jets; if you love your spa dates, then a home Jacuzzi experience could do you great with body jets extras. And with the various designs in the market, you can never run out of incredible lifestyle befitting choices. Ensure to get comfortable to clean ones.

Shower Faucets; this part of bathroom fixtures is another extra you should keenly address. The best shower faucet should give a boost to your décor.

Shower Drain; don’t forget the shower drain in your shower enclosures extras. With the perfect pipe, your bath will achieve the all-time readiness look, you will appreciate.


With this best shower enclosure review in mind, we hope that you now know what essential features to look out for when purchasing shower enclosures.

Make this page your referencing point, and you can be sure to choose your bathroom.