Best Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

The idea of bathroom remodeling is neither new nor uncommon nowadays. But it has become frequent in last few days. People want to change the design of bathroom for showing elegance ignoring the same traditional design. Also, remodeling the bathroom expresses the taste and nobility of people. However, it can’t be ignored that with the flow of people’s interest in remodeling the bathrooms, many innovative remodeling ideas have found over time.

Planning for Bathroom Remodeling

If you are sure about remodeling your bathrooms, you need to make a plan to get the whole work done. The plan should include some vital points that cannot be ignored at all. The vital points ask some questions. You need to have proper answers of those if you want to change your bathroom.

The questions are:

  1. Why do you want to change the setup of your bathroom? Answering this question will let you know what you need to include in or exclude from your bathroom.
  2. How much budget do you have? Answering this question will let you know the type of change you can bring to your bathroom.
  3. What do you want – comfort or luxury? Answering this question will let you choose the products considering the cost and comfort.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Changing the wall

Changing the wall of your bathroom can be an easy way to change the overall look of your bathroom. It is also an efficient way to make your bathroom look bigger. You can change the wall in different ways as given below.

  1. PaintingPainting is the easiest way of changing the wall of your bathroom. Some painting tips can help you to make your bathroom more elegant without any other major change. Using light color, choosing wall color by matching with tile color, painting horizontal and vertical strips, keeping the color of ceiling and wall same etc. are some painting ideas that you can use at the time of painting your bathroom.
  2. Peelable Vinyl Wallpaper– Using waterproof peelable vinyl wallpaper for your bathroom wall will bring a new look of your bathroom. There are different designs available on the market. Choose according to your taste to provide your bathroom a gorgeous look. Try to buy wallpapers of light color. But at first, you have to make sure that your wall will accept those.
  3. Ceramic or Glass Tile– Tiles are a great choice for the bathroom wall. These don’t have any problem with moister or water. So, without any tension, you can use tiles for changing the current look of your bathroom. Setting tiles is a bit tougher than other options that change the wall. Use tiles with a linear pattern for gorgeous decoration.

Adding or removing bathtub

19134823Using tub is not a recent idea. People who spend a lot of time in bathroom love tubs a lot. The tub can give you a relaxed time and make you free from tensions for sometimes. If there is enough space and no tub in your bathroom, you can install one in your bathroom.

For a good look, try to install tubs that are large. Most importantly, choose a tub that goes with the design of your bathroom. To add the tub in the bathroom, at first, ensure that you can design a system of filling and emptying the tub.

Sometimes it is seen that your bathroom has a tub but it has made the bathroom small and congested. In this case, removing the bathtub will be a wise decision unless you are a tub-freak. Removing the tub will give you more space for free movement.

In my opinion, large bathroom looks good with tubs, small bathrooms look good without tubs.


luxury shower panelShowers are my personal favorite. If you are also excited about showers, you may have noticed that a shower can provide a more elegant look to the bathroom. So, if you want to remodel your bathroom but don’t want to change much, just get a new shower system for your bathroom that is easy to use and good to see.

Besides adding showers, you can add something more to look it better. For example, cover a small area around the shower with glass partitions for more elegant look. It also separates your place from taking shower and controls the water from spreading out.


Adding shelves to the bathroom is a great idea for remodeling your bathroom. It will not cost much but reveals a great look of your bathroom. Shelves are something that you can make by yourself. Wooden shelves with a dark or deep color will look great inside of a bathroom.

Creating a wooden shelf won’t need many things. Wood, a jigsaw, some nails, a hammer or nailer, glue etc. are enough for making a shelf. Using these, you can make different types of shelves using your creativity.


Adding some light to your bathroom might be a good bathroom remodeling idea. Light can be added in two ways- increasing natural light or increasing artificial light.

If you want to increase natural light, you need to bring some technical changes. An increasing window isn’t an option for increasing natural light since it is the bathroom. Using light colors will help to reflex the natural light that enters through the small bathroom window. You can also use mirrors to reflect that light.

Increasing artificial light means increasing the number of the electric bulb, we all know. You can use more than one bulb in your bathroom if you want more light. Right placement of bulbs will make the bathroom better to look at. The technical positioning of the bulbs will also make the bathroom look bigger.

Remodeling your bathroom is for creating such change that will make it more comfortable to use. So, the decision of changing really depends on you. I have one request, before making any change, make sure that you are totally aware of the project if you are doing it by yourself. You can also take expert helps, those are available in your area and they are ready to provide you proper service regarding your bathroom decoration.