Best Rain Showerhead Reviews in 2024

The refreshing tickling of the best rain showerhead is set to remind you of those soothing raindrops; you would have loved to dance in during your childhood days. And although you may feel you don’t need one at the moment, you can at least agree that not all days are meant for the hot bathtub.

Think of those days when you have a strict deadline to beat or probably on those hasty moments when you have to clean up and get going in a jiffy.

Do you still think you don’t require a good quality rain showerhead? Probably not.

Feel fantastic and fresh all day by making the appropriate choice with the guidance of today’s top rain showerheads write-up.

Best Rain Showerhead Reviews in 2023

Moen S6320 Velocity Rainshower Review

Moen S6320 Velocity RainshowerOur first device on this rain shower head reviews list is the majority customers’ favorite Moen Velocity Two-function 8-Inch Rainshower, which clearly defines the next step in shower fixture innovations.

This Moen manufacture’s product fully exploits the newest self-pressuring technological advancement to give you an excellent high-level water flow rate, without causing a significant impact on your bills.

With its massive 8” diameter, this best rain showerhead covers enough space to comfortably accommodate and supply water to your entire body, giving you no reason to strain.

Consequently, you get to total control of the 2.5-GPM waterfall flow; hence you can let your mood lead you to the rainfall paradise, whenever you want.

And with all these benefits, you still get to practice your eco-friendly slogan as Moen made sure to consider your water-efficient worries.

With the four various available colors ( oil-rubbed and brushed bronze, chrome, and nickel), it doesn’t matter your desirable bathroom look as you get a variety to match whichever creative style you’ve in mind.

Moen S6320 PROS:
  • Two-showering settings
  • Easy wall-mounting installation
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
  • Adjustable

Moen S6320 CONS:
  • Doesn’t work well with low water flow

What we think about Moen S6320

The Moen Velocity S6320Two-Function Rainshower might be on a high-end budget, but its drizzle-like rinse will give you a thrill.

You can call it a perfect combination of beauty, class, and efficiency!

Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Showerhead Review

Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance ShowerheadLet’s the “rain” fall on you with our second pick of Hansgrohe Downpour AIR 27474001 Raindance Showerhead.

This impressive showering model displays an enormous 9.4-inch head that combines robust spraying capabilities and surface coverage to let you get lost in the rain mountains.

Furthermore, Hansgrohe ensures to provide affordability for the premium quality of full brass shower body construction that would guarantee you get to showcase your prowess choice to your future generation.

The two finishes also come out beautifully to demonstrate their nickel and the vital chrome classy elements that would bring an undeniable sparkle to your space.

You can wipe and clean the surface of this massive showerhead with ease thanks to the readily adjustable round spout.

It’s also useful in preventing blockages even after years of use.

And to show solidarity in the eco-friendly movement, this product maximizes Airpower technology to release gentle water-droplets without wastage.

Hansgrohe 27474001 PROS:
  • Overwhelming expansive head coverage
  • It’s extremely versatile
  • Recommendable durability
  • Saves on cleaning time

Hansgrohe 27474001 CONS:
  • Requires extra accessories
  • Short-time 1-year Warranty

What we think about Hansgrohe 27474001

Although the 1-year warranty for this product isn’t good news, the numerous positive reviews about it offer credibility.

Also, it’s an easy-clean device with remarkable rainfall features.

American Standard 1660.683.002 Review

American Standard 1660.683.002Moving to the medium-priced showerhead fixtures for your best showering experience, we introduce the 1660.683.002 American Standard.

But that doesn’t mean it runs short of fantastic features to offer its users.

On the contrary, you’ll grasp at the 10” extensive head display, which will take you to a whole body wetting fantasy-fulfillment journey.

And in case you can’t remember your last Jacuzzi experience, this unit will trigger your memory with its fantastic calming and unwinding effect.

So you can postpone those spa dates for some time.

Additionally, durability and resiliency is the new song you get to sing with this remarkable brass shower changing device.

And to keep your mind at peace, the American Standard innovators make use of an excellent mix of rust, scratch and tarnish-resistant material.

You nonetheless, have to accustom with a single spray pattern if this product, which doesn’t affect its efficiency.

American Standard PROS:
  • Low maintenance cleaning process
  • Remarkable overall construction
  • Outstanding classy look
  • Outspread head with substantial spraying capabilities

American Standard CONS:
  • Too light water flow for high ceiling mounting

What we think about American Standard

We recommend this incredibly functional showerhead due to its simplicity coupled with easy installing and cleaning attributes.

The price is also very reasonable, with an irresistible lifetime warranty.

Rainshower Cosmopolitan 160 Showerhead Review

Rainshower Cosmopolitan 160 ShowerheadFinding the right best shower fixture for your small space isn’t an easy journey.

It even gets tough getting a proper combination of style, efficiency, and size.

Well, that’s until you pump into the Rainshower Cosmopolitan Spray Showerhead by GROHE.

This model truly defines elegance in tight locations and gives you a convincing reason to smile to the bathroom with its pretty impressive 6.2” head.

Its price is also economical, and with fantastic features such as resistance to unintentional scratches and environmental-triggered corrosion, you can own it for long without worrying about losing the spark.

This metal look-alike plastic unit puts into practice the essence of choice making by giving you three color choices for your décor instincts.

It also maximizes technological advancements to give you a feel of its unique DreamSpray feature in the equal and optimum distribution of water.

The foursome pattern of sprays of this Grohe unit takes you to the rainfall, laminar, jet-fuel and the champagne mode.

Rainshower Cosmopolitan 160 PROS:
  • Auto clean built-in system
  • Lifetime Warranty on finish
  • Impressive rotation feature
  • Stylish

Rainshower Cosmopolitan 160 CONS:
  • Only for ceiling mounting

What we think about KW

This showerhead undoubtedly presents a near-to actual rainfall experience to its users.

You also get to benefit from a lifetime warranty, which we find impressive.

KOHLER K-13688-CP Rain Showerhead Review

KOHLER K-13688-CP Rain ShowerheadOur fifth pick goes to Kohler with their 8-Inch Contemporary simple but classy Rain Showerhead.

And although this shower head isn’t as broad as the 1660.683.002 American Standard, it’s a good fit into any modern bath space.

It also joins most models in our best rain showerheads reviews by using the seemingly standard 2.5 water flow gallons per minute.

The large spray face of this Kohler unit incorporates the newest MasterClean technology to boost resistance towards blockages caused by the threatening building up water minerals.

So you get to use it for many more years without losing a trace of their original efficiency characteristics.

When you get under this rain showerhead, your body will without a doubt appreciate the optimization of waterfalls without compromising on the coverage.

If a soaking-wet experience is what you’re missing, then be ready to counter the Katalyst Spraying technology from this KOHLER K-13688-CP 8-Inch, leaving craving for more time in the shower.

  • Ideal for modern bathroom styles
  • Maximizes on the use of efficiency technology
  • Available in Rich colors

  • It’s heavy

What we think about KOHLER K-13688-CP

 If you don’t mind causing a stretch to your budget and love contemporary styles, go for the KOHLER K-13688-CP 8-Inch.

You might need a helping-hand lifting it, but you’ll like the outcome.

Grohe 28373000 Rainshower Showerhead Review

Grohe 28373000 Rainshower ShowerheadThe actual determination of how powerful a rain showerhead can be is the number of nozzles it possesses.

And if you’re looking at more than 100, then we got a match for you with Grohe brand’s Cosmopolitan 28373000 Rainshower Spray Showerhead.

This eye-catching bathroom unit beats the record of similar products in our reviews list with its outstanding 120 number of nozzles.

You know what that means? With a smart combination on the extensive 8” head, you get more water on every part of your body, which is equal to more fun and calming effect.

This will even make you forget the rigid nature of the spray since you wouldn’t have any reason for an adjustment.

Also, you will love the automatic limescale cleansing system maintains its functionality for a long time.

You nonetheless, have to include in your budget the extra expenses of acquiring a flange and a shower arm, for optimum enjoyment.

Grohe 28373000 PROS:
  • Has incredible pattern spray options
  • Ensures consistency in water droplets distribution
  • Beautiful finishes

Grohe 28373000 CONS:
  • It’s load

What we think about Grohe 28373000

We recommend this product mainly for individuals living in hard water locations as the self-cleaning feature is compelling.

Both the finish and quality are good too.

ALFI brand RAIN16R Rain Shower Head Review

ALFI brand RAIN16R Rain Shower HeadIf you’re tired of changing your showerheads from time to time due to durability reasons, it’s time to try the customer-favorite ALFI Ultra-Thin RAIN16R Rain Shower Head.

This showering fixture is a pride of the ALFI brand as it proudly presents a full stainless steel body-head construction, which is undeniably one of the most long-lasting materials in the plumbing sector.

Furthermore, ALFI ensures to provide its users with a brushed option that wouldn’t give you a hard time cleaning as it doesn’t retain fingerprint stains.

So typically, all you’ve to do is to tender wipe.

The unit is has a slim, neat profile that would immediately turn the dull look of any contemporary showering area into a sparkle.

The only disadvantage you might gather from this device is the lack of variety finishes especially for individuals who like the excitement that comparison brings.

At an outstanding 16” width and 2mm thickness, you can easily confuse it for a pizza treat.

  • Offers nozzle replacements
  • Adjustable showerhead
  • Fast cleaning

  • Poor client Support

What we think about ALFI brand RAIN16R

ALFI Ultra-Thin RAIN16R Rain Shower Head provides you quality with a touch of class.

You better, however, get yourself a head cap if you dread hair wetness.

Delta RP52382 Raincan Showerhead Review

Delta RP52382 Raincan ShowerheadAnother minimal space showering companion making it to this best 2019 reviews is the Delta Touch-Clean RP52382 Raincan Showerhead.

The product caught our attention from the numerous happy customer reviews it has been receiving, due to its striking Touch-clean spraying face.

So if you don’t allocate much time to cleaning, them this Delta unit will suit you perfectly.

Furthermore, it makes use of the average 2.5 gallons water flow like similar category products and doesn’t give room for clogging.

To showcase their full confidence in their product, Delta gives you a lifelong warranty with limitations that could cater to the finishes and any defects on the parts.

The unit is wall mountable and presents a showerhead of almost 9-inches, and its round nature occupies less space, without affecting its remarkable functionality level.

You get the real feel of rainfall with this WaterSense head, meaning your household bills won’t go any high.

Delta RP52382 PROS:
  • Straightforward installation
  • A robust Soothing effect with less water
  • Excellent showerhead coverage
  • Ideal for tight spaces

Delta RP52382 CONS:
  • Lacks flexibility settings

What we think about Delta RP52382

When you buy this Delta unit you get an assurance of decent coverage, terrific look, spray comfortability and water efficiency.

Waterpik ASD 833 AquaScape Showerhead Review

Waterpik ASD 833 AquaScape ShowerheadWe couldn’t wrap-up on this list without including the popular Waterpik.

To be precise, we’re looking at the Waterpik AquaScape ASD 833 Showerhead, which comes in stylish chrome design.

The device doesn’t lack when it comes to technological advancement as it maximizes the use of the new OptiFlow water pressure technology to enhance a forceful water spray release throughout its area of coverage.

Also, given its color, it easily blends with both modern and classic bathrooms to give a lift where necessary, while complementing the surrounding fixtures.

When comparing the Waterpik AquaScape ASD 833 with other similar devices in the current market, we find it extremely affordable given its robust list of features.

You don’t have to strain to get water to all parts of your body as this device ensures you relax and breathe in the soothing sounds of the “rainfall.”

There is also a double-kit massaging spray that would tickle your sore muscles after a long day.

Waterpik ASD 833 PROS:
  • Incredible pulsating rain effect
  • Easy to wipe nozzles
  • Suitable for multiple bathroom styles
  • Lifetime Warranty

Waterpik ASD 833 CONS:
  • Complex installation

What we think about Waterpik ASD 833

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy quality with Waterpik AquaScape ASD 833 Showerhead.

It’s that good!

Waterpik RPB-173 2.5 GPM RainFall+ Shower Head Review

Waterpik RPB-173 2.5 GPM RainFall+ Shower HeadClosely Following in the footsteps of its showerhead sibling AquaScape ASD 833, the Waterpik RainFall RPB-173 also lies in the low-budget range.

In fact, it is the least priced device in our list.

However, that doesn’t make it a lesser performer, considering the features it presents at such a throw-away price.

This showerhead has a coverage range of 6” and weighs almost 13ounces.

The shape is round to accommodate small areas, and it increases a water flow rate of 2,5gallons, which is pretty impressive.

And in case you’re wondering about its technological compatibility, you’ll be glad to know that it also embraces the OptiFlow advancement, so you get to enjoy a full drenching waterfall.

Its designer arm is easily adjustable to offer your showering flexibility, especially when you don’t want to wet your hair.

Waterpik RPB-173 2.5 PROS:
  • Doesn’t require professional installation
  • Classy outlook
  • Two water flow styles
  • Very adjustable

Waterpik RPB-173 2.5 CONS:
  • Dripping reports.
  • Lacks rain feeling

What we think about Waterpik RPB-173 2.5

At its price, we find this product impressive even with some low water flow complaints.

It’s also perfect for both small and significant showers.

Definition of a Rain Showerhead

shower headThere is no better way to think of a rain showerhead than a stream of water gently running through your body right from the top of your head.

The fixture is well-defined with tiny multiple openings/holes that are wide enough to let out an ooze of water.

In most instances, the device installation is from the roof such that the water pours downwards with al already pre-set a pressure by the user.

Selecting A suitable Showerhead

It goes without saying that like many other decisions in your life, you have to thoroughly evaluate through your showerhead purchase decision, of course with the guidance of various considerations.

The primary of them all include;

What size rain shower head do I need?

Don’t go picking any showerhead without first considering its size.

After all, showers function the same, right? The answer is a big NO.

Remember it’s the size that has to collaborate well with other features to ensure you receive the efficiency you desire.

Since you wouldn’t be soaking in a tub, your body will require an equal share of water reach and the only solution for that is a broadhead.

For a beginner, anything between 8 to 10-inches would do perfectly fine.

How much is a rain shower head?

First things first, get yourself a budget range that suits your bank balance.

Afterward, you can now start comparing prices of items within your means.

Undertaking this will save you the frustration of having to go through a long list of showering fixtures most of which you won’t buy.

Remove the notion of “cheaper devices are terrible” in fact, there are numerous factors besides quality that contribute to the general pricing of items.

So yes, you can still find a perfectly functioning and durable showerhead at around 35 dollars or even less and another one with maybe two or more features above $300.The secret lies with your sense of judgment!

What about the Spray Pattern?

Luxury comes at a cost.

Therefore, the more luxurious features you prefer in the showerhead of your choice, the more you’re probably going to spend.

You, however, need not feel discouraged as most of the primary rain showerheads offer an incredible rainfall experience without costing much.

Durability claims

Having many showerheads distributors in the current market means that there are also several trustworthy and untrustworthy brands.

For this reason, take time to research on your choices.

You can source vital information from your loved ones or make use of the various website reviews and consumer feedback on multiple social media platforms to make the right investment.

The type of Mounting

shower headAs we mentioned earlier, although most of the rainfall showers are roof-mounted, there are some that you can fix on the wall.

They‘re all pretty impressive so it’s the look you want to achieve that should matter.

What Gains Do Showerheads Offer?

Wide Coverage

If you appreciate your standard shower, then you’ll like the rainfall one.

Reason being, it will offer you a much better experience thanks to its attractive full diameter.

So in other words, you get better waterfall coverage for a quick, thorough wash.

Provides a Relaxing Feel

You can only compare this with your basic shower with no waterfall tricks.

Instead of your usual routine of having to wait for the water to spread from your head to the rest of the body, you can feel the soothing droplets all over your body in one go.

So you even get to play naughty and change the showering techniques as you can clean up randomly, as you enjoy the falls.

Uplifts Your Shower look

Majority of homeowners (if not all) love possessing at least one fixture that would wow their visitors whenever they visit the bathroom.

So if showers are your thing, then the rainfall heads won’t disappoint.

Ensure to pick the perfect color to complement your sense of style, and with a few more additional features, everyone will want to get under your shower as you enjoy the compliments.

Sounds good, right?

Do I need to Use one?

Of course, you do!

And here is why.

They’re Simply Fun!

The mention of the term “fun” is exciting on its own.

Now think of fulfilling your childhood “dance in the rain” fantasy in your adulthood! And that too in your private space with any disturbance or scolding?! You sure are going to have a blast!

Talk of Efficiency at Its Best

shower headWhen you buy a device, more so an expensive one like a showerhead, your expectations run high.

Hence, everything you expect to gain from a fixture upgrade is what you will get.

From less time in the shower, gentle rain touch to convenience in all-body parts water reach, you will be proud of your decision.

It even gets more rewarding if you and your partner love showering together.

At least you can now say goodbye to the frustrating too long wash-up turns.

Also, you get ample time cleaning up the children as they can share the extensive head coverage with ease.

Freedom of Variety

Generally, the purchasing process gets exciting when there are several items at your disposal.

You get spoilt for choice, lovingly argue about your picks.

From the power of the sprays, the size of the holes, the shape of the head and finally learn to make compromises.

Hence, should be the true essence of shopping.

What matters is when at the end of the trip you get what you want and pay for it without any trace of doubt.

And the Decor!

best rain showerheadWho doesn’t like the sight of something beautiful?

Definitely not us, and we sure hope not you as well.

Bathrooms like living rooms are meant to stand-out and spike positive vibes.

So if you can creatively demonstrate your sense of style in the sitting-room, then you can as well display it in your bath area.

And one of the surest means to achieve that is through your elegantly standing showerhead!

How Do I Properly Install My Best Rainfall Showerhead?

Given that you already have your showerhead, the excitement isn’t merely over.

In fact, it’s the actual installation procedure that should ignite all your innate creativity and put your skills to the test.

Are you to know how you can enjoy all this? Well, here we go.

Step 1: Ensure you’ve all the necessary equipment ready and within reach for convenience as you work.

You don’t want to miss something in the process and get to start from scratch again.

For this, you can get a rough idea from the installation manual that usually comes with the package.

We hope you didn’t misplace it.

Step 2: Afterward, head to your household water supply valve and ensure it’s off.

You wouldn’t enjoy the feel of a cold water splash when removing your worn-out/previous showerhead.

Step 3: Now, you can gently twist the old head (if it’s too tight you’ll need more force) and loosen it from the connector and set it aside.

Step 4: Remember the connector is a vital component so ensure to handle it with care, lest you find yourself in the shops in search of a new one.

For this, you’ll require an isolation tape to separate unto the shower arm.

Step 5: Now, gently wipe the shower arm to get rid of any unnecessary residues and apply a fresh tap, to prevent possible water leaks

Step 6: Then get out your new showerhead from its wrapping and install whatever extra accessories it has or merely start the screwing process if there isn’t anything.

Keep your hands gentle but firm to avoid damages.

Step 7: When you’re sure everything is tight and securely in place, test for any water spillage by turning on the water supply.

Carefully monitor for even the smallest leaks.

If there isn’t any, then your showerhead is ready for a real spin.

But if there is some, then you have no other choice but to repeat the taping and screwing process once more.

There you have it! You are now a hero (in your home), and you can celebrate by enjoying the first-time showering privilege.

Doesn’t that sound cool and simple?


As you can gather from this the above information, there are various best showerheads units in the present market.

Therefore, it’s vital to take time going through different information guides and rain showerhead reviews to get the heads-up when you finally go shopping for your best rain showerhead. Check out our additional shower panel reviews, shower enclosure reviews, and dehumidifier reviews to help you complete your ultimate bathroom.