Best Shower Drain Reviews in 2023

Best shower drains are essential if you want to refer to a modern bathroom as complete when it has well-functioning drainage. Therefore, there should always be a budgeting slot on your new construction or renovation plan to cater for the same.

Although the installation of most shower drains isn’t tricky, it’s best to hire a specialist to help you through the process to avoid unnecessary mess-ups or even messing up with your location’s regulations on building compliance.

Our 3 Top Rated Shower Drain Reviews

1. Kohler K-9136-2BZ Tile-In Square
1. Kohler K-9136-2BZ Tile-In Square
Best overall performer makes an ideal pick for tile-in flooring.
2. Ebbe E4401 Square Shower Drain Grate
2. Ebbe E4401 Square Shower Drain Grate
This Ebbe device is one of the best showers drains for tiled-homes.

3. KOHLER K-9132-CP Shower Drain
3. KOHLER K-9132-CP Shower Drain
Excellent-quality, highly-durable and less complex installation is how we can perfectly describe this one.

And since we all want the best for our bath area, here is a simple guide to help you make just that.

Best Shower Drain Reviews in 2023

Kohler K-9136-2BZ Tile-In Square Review

Kohler K-9136-2BZ Tile-In Square Shower DrainThe Kohler manufacturers have been around since 1993 and manage to stay relevant even in the present times die its high-quality products mainly in the household fixtures.

The best shower drain has an oil-rubbed bronze finishing and works to guarantee superiority with its different gauge sizes to fit your space requirements.

They range from 13-inches to 6-inches.

With the K-9136-2BZ Square Shower Drain Tile-In, you’ll appreciate value for your expenditure on the robust item, which would comfortably accommodate both low and high water flow levels.

The smooth finishes also give a neat, hygienic and safe appearance of your space, making you a proud host to your visitors.

This fixture also exhibits excellent tolerant levels for any amount of temperature so can correctly function under variant temperatures.

You can install this square shower drain in any of your construction projects as its simple to install and makes tile-cutting smooth.

Kohler K-9136-2BZ PROS:
  • Contains a removable grid insert
  • Works well in renovations and new constructions
  • High-quality with a durability guarantee
  • Straightforward installation instructions

Kohler K-9136-2BZ CONS:
  • Complex installation for the underqualified

What we think about best shower drain Kohler K-9136-2BZ

The K-9136-2BZ Square Shower Drain Tile-In by Kohler makes an ideal pick for tile-in flooring.

It’s also easy math for any décor; thus we highly recommend it to you!

Ebbe E4401 Square Shower Drain Grate Review

Ebbe E4401 Square Shower Drain GrateEveryone fancies a fantastic showering experience.

That’s why E4401 Shower Drain Grate by Ebbe distinguishes itself in the plumbing market, with its unique designs.

This product is a quick-sale among lovers of silver drain finishes.

And together with its thick construction of stainless-steel mirror finish, you can use it on the outside and inside your house.

You wouldn’t have a difficult time cleaning this device as it doesn’t require specific guidelines, hence would save you time.

If you have a space measurement of ½ -inch, 1”, 2” and 4”, you can perfectly fit the drainage without trimming/cutting.

Additionally, you won’t have to restrain your budget with the installation of this Ebbe item as it doesn’t require any form of screws to fit into place.

The interiors of this shower drain are also very captivating with hair trapping features.

There are also other resilient finish options available for convenience.

Ebbe E4401 PROS:
  • Displays neat flawless transition to surrounding areas
  • Can match with relevant Ebbe fixtures
  • Ideal for pool locations

Ebbe E4401 CONS:
  • Poor client support complaints

What we think about Ebbe E4401

This Ebbe device is one of the best showers drains for tiled-homes.

Its sleek design matches the durability of the all-metal construction to offer you total satisfaction.

KOHLER K-9132-CP Shower Drain Review

KOHLER K-9132-CP Shower DrainA drain isn’t worth your bucks if it can’t measure up to your needs.

And if your search has been long overdue, then the solution could be the Kohler Shower Drain K-9132-CP.

This fantastic shower drain offers an irresistible full brass design model that you can rely on for several years without frequent fixing sessions.

Also, you can shower for as long as you want without fear of inconveniencing clogs and uncalled for system build-ups.

This all-time shower drainage has a 2” exits, which makes use of a custom connection pipe bushing

And like Kohler’s K-9136-2BZ, its grid insert is detachable and replaceable.

You can place your order for different sizes beginning from 32 to 52 INS, all in three-trim designs.

Although there aren’t many finishes for this shower drain, you still got the chrome and brass to consider.

  • It’s styling compliments well with most home décor
  • Excellent for fiberglass, Vikrell and Iron receptors
  • It’s a favorite professionals’ recommendation
  • Has different captivating finishes

  • Low quality retaining nut reports

What we think about Kohler shower drain k 9132

Excellent-quality, highly-durable and less complex installation is how we can perfectly describe this incredible shower drain model.

It’s a device you want to have in your contemporary bathroom.

Oatey 42238 ABS Shower Drain Review

Oatey 42238 ABS Shower DrainAnother incredible inclusion in our top shower drain reviews is the Oatey Shower Drain 42238 ABS.

The manufacturers of this product leave nothing to chances as they make use of high-grade construction materials with stainless steel tile-shower base.

Hence gathering from this, the product is durable and offers timely solutions for customers with low-profile drainage system needs.

Given its size, you can use this Oatey product on any limited space, with so much convenience.

This innovation includes a combination of a trap, vent, grid, and filter, to enhance this drain’s efficiency

Unlike the E4401 Square Shower Drain Grate by Ebbe, you have to bear with the tiring screw fixing procedure of this device.

And with its high water flow rate accommodation, we find it an ideal pick for individuals with high water usage needs.

The surface finishes of this Shower Drain 42238 ABS are myriad to fit into any décor.

Oatey 42238 ABS PROS:
  • High reliability and durability features
  • Makes the floor look beautiful
  • No installation hitches
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Excellent choice for both renovations and new constructions

Oatey 42238 ABS CONS:
  • Difficult to bend
  • Little installation details

What we think about Oatey Shower Drain 42238 ABS

There wouldn’t be a better pick other than the Oatey Shower Drain 42238 ABS in its current price range.

Consequently, its strong material is something you’ll appreciate for years.

Royal Linear Shower Drain Review

Royal Linear Shower DrainNothing spikes a buyer’s excitement like the combination of quality and affordability.

Well, it’s quite understandable in this hard economic times, and the Serene Steam manufacturers are making good use of this fact.

The brand through its Royal Linear Shower Drain prides themselves on promising and offering super-quality plumbing products at a pocket-friendly price.

As if that’s isn’t enough, it’s one of the most versatile devices with more than five available sizes to fit into various space limitation needs.

The ranges are between 16” to 59”.

With the drain is a 2mm thick grate that can withstand a reasonable rate of water flow pressure, with the capabilities to trap hair.

It also has a rubber fitting to ensure it perfectly fits into place.

This shower draining device offers flexibility and convenience as it can accommodate all types of installation and waterproof methods.

You can use with tiles of up to 10mm and gives you a quick cleaning session with its electro-polished finish.

Royal Linear PROS:
  • Sloppy channel for fast draining
  • Accommodates extra accessories
  • Robust finish
  • Impressive flow rate

Royal Linear CONS:
  • Doesn’t offer style options

What we think about Royal Linear

The rubber grommet of this product enhances a tight fit.

We also like the well-finished parts, thus would recommend!

HANEBATH Linear Shower Drain Review

HANEBATH Linear Shower DrainAre you searching for a shower drain that can fit into a standard American drain base system? If the answer a yes, then you’ll appreciate what the HANEBATH Linear Shower Drain Floor Strainer has to give.

This 12” long-brushed device is undoubtedly a super-quality model that would make a worthy addition to any contemporary space.

Its carefully-drafted profile makes a match for most household needs while guaranteeing user durability and reliability thanks to the outstanding top-grade 304 stainless steel.

It can, therefore, accommodate the vigorous daily usage needs.

Consequently, steel being a non-corrosive component, you will forget the sight of unpleasant rusts with this drain.

So you can splash as much water as you want, without worrying.

You will additionally find the incredibly smooth surface of this product friendly to your hands while cleaning, which also doesn’t leave room for soap scumming.

  • It displays a breath-taking sheen glow
  • Lifetime efficiency Warranty
  • Multiple cover use
  • Professional recommendation

  • Requires bushing

What we think about HANEBATH Linear

We find the HANEBATH Linear Shower Drain Floor Strainer highly hygienic with assurance on safe drainage.

It’s smooth, and temperature tolerant surface is also recommendable.

ACO 37241 Quartz Plus Review

ACO 37241 Quartz PlusBathroom drainage channels are of great help both on bathroom floors and showers next to baths.

ACO 37241 Quartz Plus Wavy Grate Design is one of such drains that seek to offer homeowners installation flexibility in use.

The product doesn’t necessarily restrict its operations on wet areas but can as well work perfectly fine on entry locations.

And if you’re one of those individuals that believe the price is always equal to quality.

It will surprise you how much value this product offers at such an affordable price.

As if to follow in the trend of similar devices, the ACO 37241 Quartz Plus has a body construction of pure stainless steel with a long-lasting drain body of high-quality ABS plastic.

You can buy the drain either with a square drain-hole option or settle for the wavy contemporary design.

The drains are also one of the best options for wheelchair users.

ACO 37241 PROS:
  • Usable on different floorings
  • Removable complex slopes
  • Classy wavy design
  • Excellent for wheelchair use

ACO 37241 CONS:
  • Requires professionals installation

What we think about ACO 37241

We call this device an art piece that would quickly turn your dull floor into an attractive space.

And with the various styles in place, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this one!

LUXE Square Tile Drain Review

LUXE Square Tile DrainIt takes a great effort to get your bathroom ranking among the best in both the residential and commercial worlds.

While you might view this as impossible, incorporation of Luxe manufacturer’s Stainless Steel Square Tile Drain product in your plumbing can earn you all this and much more.

This item displays an equal proportion of modern style and efficiency, to withstand the competitive edge of innovations.

The elegant marine stainless-steel design comfortably accommodates the frustrations of daily usage without wearing out.

Although the primary model of this tile drain is square, its outlet comes in both square or round form, and measures between 2 to 3-inches.

If you have a project that requires Curbless or an open-plan shower, you’ll find this linear drain useful.

Luxe ensures that their product stats relevant in the marketplace over the years by providing its style blends-in with both modern and traditional styles.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Stylish compliment for barrier-free locations
  • A perfect match for all floorings
  • Replaceable Strainer

  • Difficult screwing

What we think about LUXE Square

You can rest easy concerning the type of your flooring when purchasing the Stainless Steel Square Tile Drain by Luxe.

Working with it is also pretty straightforward.

Square Shower Floor Drain Review

Square Shower Floor DrainLast but not least on our best 2018 shower drains review is Hane’s Square Shower Floor Drain, with its fantastic set of industry standard features.

The product follows in the durability foot-steps of most products in this list with its pure stainless body complete with a robust brushed-steel finish.

And if screwing isn’t your thing, then your lucky day begins with this shower drain’s screw-less riser.

The square shape of the floor drain gives a fantastic display-like outlook to allow free and fast movement of water even at the highest speed.

It’s about 15.9”.

Your floor will gain from various coverings that would include a tile insert, floor coloring, and flat surface.

You can build your confidence in this device by maximizing on the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty of full refund or unit replacement

Square Shower PROS:
  • Remarkable tile-insert feature
  • Guarantees reliability
  • Lifetime Money back/replacement guarantee
  • Doesn’t leak

Square Shower CONS:
  • Thin gauge
  • Additional fittings

What we think about Square Shower

Economical is the right word to describe this efficient shower drain from Hane.

Its sleek design and impressive profile would make your tight-budget expenditure worthy.

KES SUS 304 Shower Floor Drain Review

KES SUS 304 Shower Floor DrainWhat name can you give a fixture that sets to shine its glory and complement other fixtures?

Sleek perhaps? Or is it contemporary?

Well, how we feel about the KES Shower Floor SUS304 Drain.

The longevity promise of this shower add-on makes it’s a favorite to many, even as the brushed stainless finish blends in well with pretty everything in its vicinity.

This product comes with waterproofing capabilities, while its detachable cover makes it easy to remove when cleaning.

Its perfect location in the room would be right next to the wall or wet areas with drainage needs.

With the KES Shower Floor SUS304 comes the flexibility in the application of attractive floor designs, which allows you to test your creativity

  • Closes tightly to block insects and lousy odor
  • Can be used anywhere in the house
  • Very Durable

  • Poor customer support

What we think about KES SUS 304

KES developed this product with durability and an impressive sense of style in mind.

Therefore we feel it makes a perfect companion for your modern shower.

Best Shower Drain Selection Buying Guide

There are various styles of drains you can get for your bathroom.

You, however, have to ensure it perfectly suits your space and plumbing needs.

Some of them include;

The Linear Drains

You’ll probably notice this drain in most modern homes you visit.

The core reason behind it might be the slim, neat profile it displays, leaving your space looking unapologetically beautiful.

You, however, have to evaluate your area carefully and have build-out plans in place to ensure it perfectly fits into the wall.

Among other considerations, you should make include your choice of tile on the area before the installation procedure.

Having one in place makes the work easy while leaving the spot attractive.

You must have probably heard of a tile-top drain, right? Well, it’s one of the favorites in the market.

Also, ensure the opening is wide enough (around 2.5” or more) for a smooth flow of water.

The surrounding floor should also be in good condition for ease of movement.

A Frequent drain cleaning routine is also vital to ride dirt.

The Ready-Made Marble Shower Flooring

Although most individuals (including me) would choose a custom-made shower pan with drain, some end up getting the ready-made ones due to convenience and money saving options.

While some bathrooms readily accommodate the containers, others would require a few, (such as those with odd shapes), would need a few modifications to function.

You also get to save on time as a resource since there won’t be many preparations on the bathroom floor.

Ensure you test its efficiency and connectivity to the central waste system.

The Traditional Point Drains

shower drainSurprisingly, this is one of the drains with evidently several names.

From standard pipe, clamping drain to grate drain, the list is just endless.

With this drain, you’ll primarily require specific sizes and quantity depending on your needs.

For example, whereas some people would be okay with a single pipe, others would go for gang/ multiple drains over anything else.

Consequently, for those who don’t want to “destroy” their bathroom outlook with the multiple looks, you can choose a wider one that would function almost the same way by keeping the shower water on a constant flow.

Additionally, household showers making use of dual-thermostat valves, require a drain with a fast flow rate to keep up with the shower system production capacity.

Also, ensure to check with your local household drainage regulations to ensure you don’t get in trouble with the law.

Typically a 3” drain works for most codes.

Furthermore, a standard three-piece linear drain requires at least an allowance of ¼ -inch to ensure efficient release underneath the surface.

Ignoring this is like saying yes to various bacteria, smelly water, and a damp floor.

You don’t have to worry about the appropriate measurements for this as your plumber already knows what to do.

Different Types of Linear Shower Drain Installation

Whichever your drainage of choice, there is a standard installation guideline that you should follow.

Wall-to-Wall Installation

shower drain As the name suggests, this drainage installation method involves tight fixing from one wall to another.

Therefore, in case this is what you want, you have to record the exact measurements of your wall.

Most manufacturers will work with you to ensure you receive the appropriate sizes through a site-sizing process that would involve the trimming of the grate and passage to fit into the location.

There is no chance for mistakes here as it can cause the replacement of the whole drain.

Against The Wall

You’ll come across various products on the market that fit under this category.

All drains here either make use of the liquid waterproofing properties or the fabric type waterproofing elements that go in hand with the use of wallboard.

They are available in different sizes ranging from 24-inches to 60-inches.

Their location is usually at the center, though you can still have some custom-made for your needs.

You can use this types of drains on traditional clamping settings with waterproof properties and other outer coverings.

Nevertheless, you might have challenges fixing some drains into the walls thus the need to have extra preparations.

For instance, your plumber might decide to place a small flooring material between the onsets of the wall and drain, have a double-layered wall-board in place at the back wall and ensure to have accurate measurements.


One of the most vital choices you’ve to make when settling for linear drainage is as to whether you will use the barrier or barrier-free fitting.

If you have no idea what this means, then it would be a good idea to let your contractor explain.

Threshold Installation

Having the right drain measurements is vital for this type of installation.

Therefore, ensure you purchase one that can comfortably accommodate the exact length between the walls so that no water spills get out of the shower section.

shower drainHence, for the above reasons, it’s better to get a drain that’s wide enough to collect all the water and at the sufficient speed.

The reason for this is because thinner ones pose width limitations that can cause a mess in your shower.

Barrier-Free Installation

Most homeowners who prefer seamless transitions from their shower area to other parts of the bathroom would go for barrier-free installations.

The same case applies to individuals who love neat outlooks in their space.

If this is what you want for your bath, then ensure the construction of your flooring heights especially in the surrounding area is the same.

However, we advise you to maintain the height of the dry region, slightly slanting towards the drainage system to ensure all the water gets to the waste tank.

Additionally, contrary to what many people think, the waterproof floor rule doesn’t only apply to your shower’s surroundings but also to the wet floor as well.

For the showering part, ensure you leave an allowance of at least 42” to accommodate all the splashing water as you enjoy your wash-up.

Since achieving this look requires skills perfection, you would appreciate the services of a qualified contractor with a license, even if you feel your masonry skills could figure out something.

And like any other plumbing work in your home, ensure you adhere to the installation requirements within your area code.

Center Pitch Installation

Like its name, you will have the installation of the drain at the center of your shower.

Your contractor will have to work around the surrounding four floors so that they end up pitching towards the unloading.

You, however, will have to make use of the traditional waterproofing method with a floor fix drain or the liquid and some fabric with a drain body.

What about the Flow Rates? What Should I consider?

The flow rate is the primary determinant of the efficiency of your drain.

As such, various things affect the performance of the strains and the flow rate for that matter.

For example, you cannot compare the functionality of a significant head height with that of a small one.

Also factors such as the amount of water needing draining at a particular time, the water pressure of your bathroom area, the different types of multiple showering fixtures in place, your adherence to your area code’s water flow regulations and the availability of drainage restrictors on your equipment, should contribute on your choice of linear drain.

The Outlets

shower drainChoose a product that would comfortably function on both the indoors and outdoors.

Nevertheless, remember both locations require different measurements for perfect operation.

You’ll, for instance, need an outlet at every distance 30” for indoors, which means two in a drain of 60-inches.

Use this estimation to guide you through your installation procedure, although most kits come with first outlet assemblies, giving you an option to add extra ones where necessary.

Water Proofing

Your choice of waterproofing methods heavily determine the type of drains you will need.

As mentioned earlier on a traditional/classic waterproof system would go well with a shower-pan; hence your contractor will explain to you the appropriate type of unloading series.

The same case applies to contemporary waterproofing options (as mentioned earlier as well).

As evident from the above explanations, the secret to a successful installation, therefore, lies in your previous decisions.

So think logically before investing in anything, at least until you figure out the kind of linear drain you want to use.


The shower drains installation procedure might seem simple to those who understand the concepts, but get complex on the ground.

It’s therefore advisable to hire a professional for guidance in case you find it hard to decide which is best shower drain for your shower.