10 Best Shower System Reviews in 2024

Are you designing a fresh shower for your bath? Or maybe working on replacing that out of service showerhead? Or do you merely want to give your bathroom a total renovation? No matter your choice, you should work on gathering enough information concerning shower systems, so that you don’t get to regret your selection later on.

While some people feel that shower systems selections are one of the most straightforward households shopping task, it often turns complex due to the full range of consideration factors.

Don’t wait for confusion to overwhelm you, but instead make use of this buying guide to set your experience around.

Now would you?

Our Top Rated Shower Systems

21SNw2lVsgL. SL160 Powerandsoul 25 In. Retro-Fit 2-Function Hand Shower and Showerhead Bundle -2.5 Gpm
41qPlfiejcL. SL160 Kohler K-9059-CP Contemporary Handshower Kit, Polished Chrome
21hMX8TO04L. SL160 hansgrohe Raindance Select S Sliding Height Adjust Air Infusion, Rain AirPower Spray, QuickClean Showerpipe Shower Set in Brushed Nickel, 27129821
31SlilanPbL. SL160 Delta Faucet Linden 17 Series Dual-Function Tub and Shower Trim Kit, Shower Faucet with 4-Spray In2ition 2-in-1 Dual Hand Held Shower Head with Hose, Stainless T17494-SS-I (Valve Not Included)
31tHo90BkhL. SL160 MOEN 8342 Commercial Posi-Temp Two-Handle Shower Only Set, 0.5, Chrome
31shFuI8ZcL. SL160 Euphoria 25 In. Retro-Fit 1-Spray Hand Shower and Showerhead Bundle - 2.5 Gpm
41IQbheMWYL. SL160 Grohflex Shower Set Timeless Dual Function Thm - 2.5 Gpm
31zoK5DzRcL. SL160 PULSE ShowerSpas 1011-III-BN Kauai III Shower System with 8" Rain Showerhead, 5-Function Hand Shower, Adjustable Slide Bar and Soap Dish, Brushed Nickel Finish
41TPCYP3dcL. SL160 SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Combo Set Wall Mounted Rainfall Shower Head System Polished Chrome, (Contain Faucet Rough-in Valve Body and Trim)
41Ayrlv0LLL. SL160 KOJOX 12 Inch Black Shower System with Rain Shower Head, Handheld Shower, Bathroom Luxury Mixer Combo Set, Wall Mounted Faucet Rough-in Valve and Trim Kit

Best Shower System Reviews in 2023

Powerandsoul Retro-Fit 2-Function Hand Shower and Showerhead Bundle Review

Powerandsoul Retro-FitWhen you think about an equal blend of heavy-duty shower systems and quality, then the Grohe manufacturers shouldn’t skip your mind.

The shower system does not only work to offer your space a valuable lift with its elegant look but also has a smooth finish that would make you forget about your budget limits.

And as if that isn’t enough, this brand places into consideration your monetary expectations by coming up with a device suits most standard homes ‘connections.

Its particular specifications include a 15.1 pounds weight and an up to 45.5-inches in measurement.

This impressive device is an excellent combination of a shower head, shower hand, and a Retro-FitTM shower system.

You can have all the showering convenience you want with this product thanks to the extreme arm length of 45 degrees.

There is also an adjustable diverter that would allow you to make a quick alteration on the system function (head, dual, shower options)

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Powerandsoul PROS:
  • Four stream pressure setting options
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Prevents scalding

Powerandsoul CONS:
  • It is heavy
  • Complex installation procedure

What we think about Powerandsoul
The Powerandsoul 25 In. Retro-Fit 2-Function Shower System is quite powerful, thus making a reliable showering partner.

A plumber will, however, be useful to have it in place.

Kohler K-9059-CP Contemporary Handshower Kit System Review

Kohler K-9059-CP Contemporary Handshower KitThis thoughtful K-9059-CP Contemporary Handshower by Kohler makes its users comply with the longtime quote that sometimes all we need in the midst of a chaotic lifestyle is a touch of luxury.

There was much thought on the design of this hand shower as it considers all the necessary attributes to make it an irresistible gem in any bathroom area.

And since we all crave for that once in a lifetime mesmerizing showering feel, you can be sure to appreciate the advancement in the spray engine of the item.

The modern shower is a bit light as compared with the Powerandsoul 25 In. Retro-Fit 2-Function by 5 pounds less and is a slim fit even for small areas.

And to prove the legitimacy of its name, you get an outstanding multi-showering accessory (a trim on side-bar, a hand shower, a supply elbow and a hose of 60-inches)

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Kohler K-9059-CP PROS:
  • Easy-grip face
  • Adjustable hydro-massage mode
  • Tarnish and corrosion free
  • Integrates well with present connections

Kohler K-9059-CP CONS:
  • Tough installation process
  • Doesn’t complement well with traditional fixtures

What we think about Kohler K-9059-CP

Like any other equipment on the market, this product has its flaws and strengths.

But it’s the impressive features that keep its competitors on toes.

Hansgrohe 27160821 Raindance Showerpipe Review

Hansgrohe 27160821 Raindance ShowerpipeThird in our count-down is the exceptional Hansgrohe brand that never ceases to amaze its customers with a range of highly-durable devices.

The 27160821 Raindance Showerpipe is a surety that its innovators always have their users’ desires in mind.

Its packaging contains a befitting beneficial and comfort-giving double head shower system.

Its outward construction and style reveal a sense of good taste for those with an eye in interior designing, by handing them a dynamic overview of what they can achieve with it as the center of their space.

For those who love enjoying the feel of the warm water in a sitting position, the full 18” shower arm, and a readily controllable hand-shower holder, wouldn’t have come with a better accessory.

You can be water conscious as much as you want without having to move a muscle as the powerful Air technology ensures you receive a sufficient wash with its efficient droplets of water supply.

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Hansgrohe 27160821 PROS:
  • Adjustable shower pipe
  • Quick-clean features
  • Saves water
  • Has an automatic Safety-lock system

Hansgrohe 27160821 CONS:
  • Lacks dual mode

What we think about Hansgrohe 27160821

This product might not offer you different finishes selection, but it makes up for it through a thrilling rain-like controllable shower experience.

Delta T17494-SS-I Linden 17 Tub and Shower Trim Kit System Review

Delta T17494-SS-I Linden 17Your shower area won’t remain the same with a wise investment such as that of the T17494-SS-I Linden 17 Series Dual-Function b from Delta manufacturers.

If you’re seeking to make everything beautiful with this specific range, the brand gives users variety of finishes that aren’t common with similar items in this range.

From the classic chrome, rich bronze to stainless, your other bathroom fixtures would surely smile at the new companion.

However, you would have to hold your rush to store if you aren’t into traditional-looking fixtures as this one makes it to that category.

When you and your family members or guests are showering, you get to enjoy the impeccable services of the double-pressure functioning balance control unit.

You also need only to stretch your arm to set your desirable showering water temperature using the locatable dial.

This particular shower system is a thermostat and highly functional for ages when well-maintained.

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Delta T17494-SS-I PROS:
  • Adjustable temperature features
  • Two-parts shower head
  • High efficiency and durability levels

Delta T17494-SS-I CONS:
  • Plastic Hose

What we think about Delta T17494-SS-I

We like this Delta Shower Kit for its large spa-like features.

And even with the plastic hose and its durability stands at a significant level.

Moen 8342 Commercial Posi-Temp Two-Handle Shower Only Set Review

Moen 8342 Commercial Posi-TempMoen, the big brand, brings you yet again another incredible showering equipment under the name 8342 Commercial Posi-Temp Two-Handle Shower Only Set.

The only chrome finish product quenches the curiosity of its users with a classy metallic look that sets the whole bathroom beaming with is timeless bright reflections.

And to save you money on purchasing different pressure and temperature balancing devices, this item contains a commercial Posi-temp and pressure-balancing type of valve.

And to showcase the essence of simplicity in fixture purchases, there comes the regular showerhead that’s also handheld.

However, it combines the elements with a large shower head (20”) and long metal hose (69”) for perfection.

This incredible bathroom piece contains all-mounting hardware together with a particular vacuum breaker.

Go for this shower component if you prefer using the shower over a bath-sit as its exterior is out of high-quality rust-resistant material

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Moen 8342 PROS:
  • Reliable pressure and temp controller
  • Stylish finishes
  • Peaceful showering moments
  • Anti-slide bar
  • Great coverage rain shower

Moen 8342 CONS:
  • Separate time usage on both showers

What we think about Moen 8342

The 8342 Commercial Posi-Temp Two-Handle Shower Only Set by Moen is ideal for fresh-constructions.

Also, it’s a valuable addition for homes with a keen interest in special needs specs.

Euphoria Retro-Fit 1-Spray Hand Shower and Showerhead Bundle Review

Euphoria Retro-Fit 1-Spray Hand Shower and Showerhead BundleGrohe makes its second appearance in this list due to the Euphoria 25 In. Retro-Fit 1-Spray Hand Shower.

While bearing in mind the current marketplace demands, this item is all set to take on all the necessary renovations in household bathrooms.

It is creatively making use of distinctive features to sneak its way into the problematic concealed-pressure valves installation procedure.

With the 160 cosmopolitan showerheads of this equipment, you can prolong your wash-up sessions while maximizing the use of the long arm depending on your sitting or standing position.

And to demonstrate their understanding on the frustrating nature of some items, Grohe gives you quick access to the built-in diverter to shift the functional modes.

Another exciting news about this valuable shower piece lies in its capability to simultaneously support the dual showering types.

The manufacturers also help fulfill your fantasies through the use of the tech-reliant Dreamspray for equal water distribution.

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Euphoria PROS:
  • Contains special water cooling channels
  • Automatic Speed-clean technology
  • Includes a Built-in diverter
  • Supports Simultaneous dual-showering

Euphoria CONS:
  • Requires special installation tools

What we think about Euphoria

This fantastic multiple-head system can give your bathroom a spa look, making it a value for your money.

Grohflex Shower Set Timeless Dual System Review

Grohflex Shower Set Timeless DualThe reason as to why you will find most people talking about a product is probably because of the significant impact it brings to their lives.

The same case goes to Grohe in today’s list, based on the long list of positive reviews to its account.

Well, the Grohflex Shower Set Timeless Dual Function shower system is one of its kind in its category as it makes an excellent blend of a highly dependable showerhead and handheld shower.

If its elegant design is anything to go by, then the device is a real jackpot for any homeowner with love for chrome and nickel finishes.

You will even forget the shower system prices in the market once you purchase the Grohe product exterior shines through the years without a trace of rust or scratch.

If you’re an expert in this sector, then you’ll readily grasp at the affordable price of this product given its incredibly outstanding efficiency and functionality.

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Grohflex PROS:
  • Fast installation
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Classy design
  • Excellent shower integration

Grohflex CONS:
  • Complex to install

What we think about Grohflex

Expect so much excitement into your home with this item, especially if luxury and comfort are what you want.

PULSE ShowerSpas 1011-BN Kauai III Retro-Fit Shower System Review

PULSE ShowerSpas 1011-BN Kauai III Retro-Fit Shower SystemEntire bathroom renovations require sufficient amount of resources.

That’s why you should go for the Shower Spas 1011-BN Kauai III Retro-Fit Shower System by Pulse if you would like to walk into a new-look shower but can’t afford significant expenditures.

The first thing you’ll like about this item is its ability to conveniently fit into your existing bathroom plumbing system without many changes.

In fact, this fantastic showering companion finds a home in whatever your space has to offer without a fuss.

From the water supply system, your favorite location of the showerhead to your classic valve, you’ll be glad you went shopping.

There is no room for corrosive water minerals building up in your 8” system as you can quickly wipe it clean and let it shine to the world.

You will finally have everything you need to make your showering complete within reach, with available attachments such as the wire-basket soap dish and the slip-bar.

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  • A perfect fit for a minor shower renovation
  • Different options for water-flow
  • High-durability

  • Showerhead Leakage reports

What we think about PULSE

If you’re into DIY projects, then it’s time you consider this showerhead installation.

You will love the fresh finish it will give to your aging bathroom.

SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 Bathroom Shower System Review

SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 Bathroom Shower Combo SetAs we get to wrap-up on our top-ten reviews, a mention of the SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 wouldn’t escape our mind.

This luxury rain mixer shower is about 10” and comes with a wide stainless steel showerhead and a 15.7” shower arm which can quickly turn into the most treasurable bathroom accessory you’ll ever possess.

And to ensure your bathroom maintains its clean look, you get an option to conceal the bracket holder of this shower.

The package also contains a rough-in valve and its trim, which is usually absent in similar products.

The manufacturers of this fantastic product understand the value of money, and that’s why you receive a 5-year warranty upon payment.

You will start your day with a beautiful sight of the l-shaped sturdy handheld showering head, which has an excellent stainless steel hose attachment.

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  • Works perfectly with low water pressure
  • Technologically fit incredible feature
  • Rust-resistant
  • Maximum protection from scalding
  • Comes with a free shower curtain

  • Some leakage reports

What we think about SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043

We would recommend this gorgeous device for the master bathroom.

The fact that it’s a full set saves you some money, with a beautiful finish!

KOJOX Shower System Review

KOJOX Shower SystemOur grand closure settles for the KOJOX Shower System, modern looking shower equipment that fits into both the American and European market segment.

The multi-layered construction of the shower system makes it highly resistant to any corrosion attempts within its environment, thus making it favorable for frequent family use.

When under this shower, you’ll experience nothing less than standard rainfall water falling experience, which will remind you of your childhood “out in the rain” plays.

And although the head is broad at 12”, you don’t have to worry about striking water bills as the system makes use of the latest air pressurization technology to boost the water pressure, for a plenty water feel.

The system is suitable for the elderly, children and individuals with specials needs as the automatic scalding control features ensures no release of hot water, when it gets faulty.

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  • 100% lifetime system efficiency warranty
  • Double-buckle hose to withstand tension
  • Sturdy body components construction
  • All necessary hardware inclusive

  • Requires professional installation

What we think about KOJOX

For a beautiful fixture of its nature and coupled-up with consistent features, the KOJOX product surpasses user expectations.

We, however, hope they will release more finishes in future.

The Complete Buying Guide of Shower Systems

Start Simple

You don’t have to pick a complicated and costly shower system design to give that charming look to your bath area.

In fact, you can start out.

Remember the more detailed its style, the more feature it requires.

For instance, instead of going for separate shower fixtures, you can settle for an all-inclusive one that comes with several shower heads, and even handheld sprays.

The model will also help you save on safe, thus keeping your bathroom arrangement in place.

But with a sophisticated outlook.

Pick Your Choice of Pieces

best shower system reviewsThe idea works best for individuals that love having separate shower accessories.

If this is your case, then we advise you to take time to examine and rethink your decisions on the fixtures pieces that would matter most.

To make it easy for you and the sake of your budget, you can start by jotting them down according to importance and order in that order.

They could be one the regular showerhead, a hand shower and a body spray.

Afterward, include options/luxuries such as a spray down shower and an advancement of a hand shower that would offer you convenience and flexibility especially when shaving or even washing your hair.

Remember, there are also different types of body sprays with various design colors and price tags.

Therefore, if your budget allows you to stretch a little, ensure to get one that gives attention to the whole body.

You shouldn’t have to struggle to wet yourself, and you can fix a pair or more to maximize your experience.

However, this entirely depends on the water flow capacity of your household, so pay attention to that as well.

Additionally, since you wouldn’t want to spend on showerheads that would eat up your finances as water and electricity bills, a sum of their flow rate is vital.

Once you know their functional requirements, you can then decide if you need them or not.

And if you do nevertheless, the services of a professional contractor are essential to boost the capacity of your valve connections.

You also have to know the difference between control valves and pressure-balancing valves.

As the control takes care of the temperature and flow, its counterpart ensures your security by monitoring the hot and cold water mixing process and work to keep it stable beside external interferences.

To complete the look and to add a little fun into the showering norm, you can make use of the latest technological advancements to add more luxurious details such as LED lights, a music system, and even a telephone.

You have to figure out when and when to purchase all this to avoid pressurizing yourself.

Configuring It Out

It goes hand in hand with the selection you make in the list as mentioned earlier.

Once you do, it’s vital to keep a mental record on how you will install everything.

That includes the amount of space allocation and the simultaneous function of them all.

At least they should work to boost each other’s functionality, without compromising their features.

For example, you can have the showerheads at the top-most point, followed by the body spray at a considerable shoulder-height of the tallest user, with an easy-to-navigate control valve for the smallest user.

And if you are planning on having another spray, let it be at knee length to better functionality.

Are there Any Common Concerns?

Of course, there is! As we had stated earlier, one thing you should keep in mind is that installing a shower system will undoubtedly impact on your household water use.

And this includes both volume and pressure.

Therefore, invest in a proper plumbing system examination with a professional, to ensure what you have in place can handle the new requirements.

The Volume; Considering that the amount of water flow for a simple showerhead stand at 2.5, while that of the multi-head goes up to 15 GPM, a pipe swipe is the ultimate solution.

The Pressure; don’t go thinking that because you got a regular showerhead, you won’t require a water pressure boost.

On the contrary, even the slightest chance would trigger one.

Looking at the 30psi pressure needs for standard use and 50 psi for multiple systems, you will have to invest in water pumping equipment if at a low water pressure region.

The Temperature; the same way you’ll require more heat to heat more food in a pot, is the same way it goes with the water heating systems.

showerThe smaller it’s, the less heat you’ll require and vice versa.

In this case, a larger water heating unit sounds like a good idea.

Better yet, you can opt to have a modern thankless heater in place for such needs.

The Drainage; a fantastic showering experience goes hand-in-hand with a proper drainage system.

Otherwise, the whole process would be a total mess.

Hence, if your drainage system has been working pretty faster with a regular shower, it doesn’t necessarily mean it would be the same with a multi-system.

Remember these kinds of fixtures have a high flow rate hence an increase in the drainage output.

So you’ll have to work on increasing the size of your drainage, even if it’s by an inch.

Expenditure Estimates

Like any other accessory, purchasing the right product for your needs comes with a price tag.

And because we all have expectations when heading to the stores, it’s better to know the price range of the product features you have in mind, as it will save you time and frustration of knowing where to look-out right from the start.

Therefore, in this regard, an – comprehensive shower system can have two prices depending on the number of valves, mounting style, and other features.

Maybe an elaborative look could help you through, right?

The Good ($500-$1,500); this is the fairest and simplest category you can choose.

To matters easy for yourself, prepackaged fixtures would make the best deal.

The reason is that most of them can quickly fit into common household plumbing systems without adjustments.

And if there is, they will only be minor and wouldn’t cost much.

As you move upwards on this price range, expect to pump into double functional systems with a little more navigation flexibility.

The Better ($1500-$2500); this second category takes you to offer you systems with extra details and versatility.

For example, it’s where you can start noticing the availability of powerful shower sprays with multiple features that would make a massage or jet switch, free showerheads, and rain sprays.

The benefits don’t stop here as you can find a variety of designs and color finishes for selections.

showerYou can look at it as the beginning of the paradise-like shopping stage for shower systems.

The Best (From $2500 and above); if the previous offer was near-paradise, then this one is the real paradise.

In this category, you get everything you fantasize as long as you are willing to spend.

In fact, be ready to take home a whole Jacuzzi that would see you canceling all your spa dates to that favorite joint.

Think of a mix of technology, stereo and anything digital; you can have it all!

Why Are Shower Valves Important?

The type and functionality of the shower valve have in your household determines the efficiency of the entire shower system.

The primary reason for this lies in the valves’ temperature and water flow control features, which goes a long way into ensuring your comfort and safety throughout the entire washing-up duration.

Hence, the type of fixture you choose should complement the valves in place.

The Mixing Valve; this device is probably the first you come in contact with the moment you step into the shower.

It works to immediately begin the hot and cold water mixing process once you switch on the system and select your ideal water temperature.

Pressure-balance valve; as the name suggests, this equipment works around the clock to guarantee shower-user enjoyment by keeping the water flow in balance, even with external water usage interference.

You can call it your “the shower savior” as you wouldn’t have to cope with a soapy body when others decide to use the bathroom, sinks or the laundry area.

Anti-scald pressure-balance valve; although every home can have these devices, they’re a must-have for households with special needs individuals such as the elderly and even children.

They help to ensure you receive the appropriate water bathing temperatures and they’re quite affordable and easy to install.

Thermostatic valve; these are the latest models, which also means they’re quite expensive.

Their primary functions revolve around favorable temperature preservation and water pressure system balancing.

So once you set your multiple shower system, this device takes it upon itself you receive that precisely by adhering to your settings.

The Concealed Shower Valves

The placement of the valve in your bath space depends on how you want it to appear.

When selecting a concealing option, it means the remodeling/construction has to include a built-in valve which you’ll then carefully hide underneath the wall-covering.

showerSo what other bathroom users can see are the eye-catching handles and plates, giving your space a neat appearance.

Nevertheless, due to the amount of work you’ll have to put in, expect to spend a bit more, even as you anticipate to enjoy more flexibility.

You also get to select the most appropriate finish that would blend in well with other surrounding fixtures, giving your bathroom a valuable boost.

You, however, have to put easy valve accessibility plans in mind in case you might want to reach it in future or even conduct a thorough cleaning exercise.

Also, ensure to set aside a considerable amount of space for depth-recess.

The Exposed Shower Valves

Sometimes you don’t have much time by your side for difficult valve installation.

So if that is the case, then these valves make an excellent choice.

With this one, other shower-users can see the horizontal placement, and they are a bit untidy for someone with full perfection expectations.

They, however, give a great view on full brick-walls that would otherwise be expensive to drill and fix.

Purchasing an exposed valve with a long hose would come handy in offering similar flexibility experiences as their concealed counterparts, although they can never be the same.

Consequently, this choice doesn’t give you much selection choices.

Therefore you have to work with what’s readily available.

The Shower Towers

shower towersShower panels define modernization most explicitly.

A single glance at these elegant devices reveals their dedication to ensuring you receive an unforgettable bathing experience.

With it comes contemporary accessory that includes a shower handset, an enormous shower head, powerful body jets and thermostatic options.

The designs leave nothing for imagination as you can choose various design blends for your interior décor needs.

However, this would look a bit odd in a traditional bathroom set up so you’ll have to pass if you’re into classic collections.

The installation process is simple, so all you’ll require is a steady flow of cold and hot water, with substantial pressure.

Also among its advantages is the diverter that gives you control over different drainage options.

You, however, require highly efficient supportive water pumping and heating systems for this to function properly.


Having a highly-functional shower system doesn’t only restrict to their functional aspects.

On the contrary, they make our lives enjoyable and bearable.

So you should critically evaluate any decision concerning them the same way you do to other areas of your life.

We hope that makes sense!