7 Creative Bathroom Remodeling Tips For Couples

Bathrooms are the perfect epitome of tranquility and sanctuary within the house. But for those living with a partner or spouse, the bathroom routine can end up becoming a hectic process instead of a stress-free haven to relax.

partners in bathroomWhile the bathroom can be an oasis of calm, sharing it as a couple can be a point of conflict rather than relaxation.

That is already evident from most of the shared bathrooms, as they are full of clutter and high-traffic and impatience that could lead to ugly fights over petty things.

But things shouldn’t have to be this way since there are arrangements you can make to ensure clashes are not inevitable during your bathroom routine.

If you are considering redesigning the bathroom or planning to move into a new house with your spouse, these are the elements that could help make your sharing experience much more convenient and luxurious

1. Installing single or double vanity units

If you are a couple with the luxury of a spacious bathroom, then you may want to invest in two separate vanity units or get a double basin vanity unit.

Both this models are a perfect fit for a His and Hers style bathroom, and couples get plenty of space between one another and work individually.

Besides, attaching the two basins in the double basin vanity unit creates an ideal contemporary look that generates the much-needed space between couples.

Overall, both of these approaches prove useful in making the bathroom a practical and stylish sanctuary for couples.

2. Double up on accessories

While designing or remodeling a bath for two, most people forget the accessories.

Increasing the number of accessories allows couples to share less and hence save time during the morning routine.

Additionally, not all partners have preferences for sharing everything, and some items can be personal.

Ultimately, this would mean providing essentials such as towel rails, soap dishes, toothbrush holders in twos.

Other accessories to consider are mirrors, bathroom sets, mats and shower systems.

Having the right accessories for each one is also convenient in transforming the bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary for you and your spouse.

3. Increase on the storage

By doubling up on the accessories and other grooming equipment, this would mean there is a need to have enough room for all.

The storage space should also be separate since sharing can often lead to cramping and there is a chance that the grooming accessories end up getting mixed up by the wrong person or even lost.

By installing spate storage, each person gets to keep their grooming items separate and in an organized manner, while also giving each control over their storage space.

If you have sufficient space, you can opt to install hanging wall cabinets or freestanding bathroom units to help reduce the clutter on display.

4. Achieving intimacy and utility

mirrorsThe centerpiece of the bathroom is the bathtub and for a couple looking to make the room a place of privacy a double ended tub is a must.

Such tub models allow you and your partner to enjoy a romantic bath together without the interference of taps.

The trick is to pick a tub that has high sides and is broad enough to accommodate both of you fully submerged.

However, choosing a bathtub is not a necessity for couples, and some can spice up their bathing through shower enclosures or whirlpool tubs in their bathrooms.

The decision to pick a tub mainly relies on the amount of space and budget, but they still do offer the ultimate intimate option.

5. Bring out the best of both worlds

Since redesigning the bathroom borders on having a “his and hers” bathroom stations, it is only fair to include your other half in the process.

Remember discussing things before sharing the ideas with the contractor ensures the bath is perfect to accommodate both the couple.

Furthermore, each person’s opinion matters in the bathroom plan and play a critical outcome in the finished product.

The key is to come to an agreement on the design and give the opinion on whether it meets the conditions they have set out.

But you will still need to bring harmony between the masculine and feminine preferences.

6. Shared or separate?

bathtubA bathroom is a place of privacy, and not all partners can overlook this fact.

Additionally, sharing can bring plenty of problems especially if it’s in the morning rush and both of you are impatient.

Such scenarios necessitate you get a double shower or shower panel with hand shower to minimize the wait time and make it possible for both of you to use the bathroom at once.

There is the option of picking a screen door, a robust model or a shower curtain to separate things in the shower.

All-in-all, the choice to split the bath will need additional changes like two shower heads, separate bidet areas, and multiple spray settings

7. Spruce up lighting and reflection

Its common knowledge that proper lighting and mirror placement work work-in-hand in helping to amplify a sense of space within any room and for a couple’s bathroom is no different.

It is therefore imperative to make maximum use of natural light to create a feel-good ambiance while maintaining privacy.

Moreover, installing full-length mirrors with the pivoting function allows for grooming for you and your spouse without having to struggle with height adjustment.

Another great tip is to avoid lighting since it presents unflattering shadows over mirrors making them ineffective to use.

In conclusion

Finally, moving in with your time is always an exciting time because you get to own a place together.

However, frustrations arise, and one area, in particular, is the bathroom.

If this sounds like you, then the solutions offered will work to individually tailor you’re redesigning to meet you and your match’s needs.

In the end, you won’t have to vent your anger at other people of how your other half leaves the loo seat up or how they take forever to get ready in the morning.