Creative Ways To Transform Your Bathroom Into a Spa Retreat

There is no denying that a weekend away at the local spa is an excellent past time to give you that serene, invigorating, and relaxing experience. While everyone does deserve a little pampering from now and then, not all can afford the luxury of experiencing a spa and often the bill that comes with the visit comes to a hefty bill that is nothing close to relaxing.

So, what can you do to create the spa experience within your bathroom? Well, the kind of spa design you can create is entirely up to you, and the ultimate choice is to ensure that it’s within your budget reach.

Still, if you are considering making the investment move, you should know it could add value to your home and enhance the experience significantly.

Here are some of the thing you can do to turn the bathroom into your day spa.

1. Upgrade your tub

bathtubIf your bathroom is spacious enough, then installing a bathtub is the perfect addition to the spa feeling.

But not just any kind of bath but ones with elegant design aside from the rectangular models common in households.

You can also opt for a Jacuzzi to make things even better and treat yourself to floral baths with the water surface covered in fresh rose petals.

Although an expensive investment, a Jacuzzi brings home the spa feeling by gentle ensuring you soothe away in bubbles and deep massaging jets.

2. Consider the lighting

There is no spa without a perfect ambiance, and this means you will need to replace the old, and dull lighting with fixtures that provide relaxing lighting.

You can even experiment with the bathroom lighting by adding a dimmer switch that allows you to tweak with the illumination according to your mood.

If you can, add a dimly lit chandelier at the middle of the room’s ceiling to give it a more comfortable and relaxing feeling.

However, it is bright enough to allow you to do other actions without squinting.

3. Get indoor plants

plantsWith the basics of lighting done, adding plants completes enhances not only the spa ambiance but also gives a feeling of an outdoor retreat.

Get tree-like large pots indoor plants that you can strategically place against the walls to bring soft texture to the bathroom.

Just ensure the plants do not give out bad aromas and they can also thrive under natural light within the bathroom.

You can be sure to add plants that influence or improve people’s mood through their natural fragrances.

4. Take advantage of aromatherapy

The ultimate selling point of any spa is not neglecting the sense of smell.

That is mainly why resorts always leave you with the right scent and in a deep understanding of relaxation.

While they are plenty of tactics that real spas employ for good scents for your home bathroom, it does not need to be overly expensive.

With your budget, you can go for aroma dispensers, or scented candles to give the constant relaxation feeling.

The scented candles also freshen up the lighting with a soft flame glow giving the tranquil ambiance.

Another affordable secret is to add peppermint essential oil to the bath as a means of rejuvenating your bathroom environment.

5. Heated floors

One of the worst sensations in the bathroom is stepping out of the shower or bathtub and onto a cold floor after a warm bath or steamy shower.

While everyone despises the frigidly cold floor, few know what to do about it.

Those looking for the spa experience can install a heated floor in the bathroom as an energy-efficient method of using the AC for heating.

The two standard means of floor heating is through electric cables and using tubes circulated with heated water.

The Hydronic procedure is the somewhat popular option with most household since its most energy efficient.

Still, you should weigh both before picking the appropriate choice for your bathroom remodeling.

6. Massaging showers

Delta RP52382 Raincan ShowerheadMini spa units are readily available in the local hardware store, and a great item to start with is the therapeutic shower heads that come with adjustable massage nozzles.

Such shower provides an excellent way to experience the feeling of the water jets damaging the body.

A steam shower can also incorporate healing benefits since they are excellent at cleansing the sink while easing possible muscle tension and joint aches.

Overall, these advanced showerheads and handheld showers provide soothing steams that relaxes the body and mind.

7. Stylish towels and warmers

If you have spent time at any luxurious spa, you are probably aware of the luxury of wrapping yourself in warm and fluffy towels after a bathing session.

Therefore, such applications should be present if you want your bathroom to become a mini spa.

A good towel does not cost much, and the best towel should not feel too rough against your skin.

spaOn the other hand, adding towel warmers triggers the ultimate duplicate sensation that you get at the spa.

8. Stylish fixtures

Most homeowners tend to choose brass for their bathroom fixtures as a way of giving the room an antique look.

However, this ends up bringing a boring theme and mood to the place unlike in the spas.

Consequently, this means bathroom fixtures make a big statement about the style and to ensure a bath then it is wise to go for chrome, stainless steel or aluminum units as modern mainstays.

Whatever make you choose, it is best to ensure the style remains consistent for a finished look.

Bottom line

Giving your bathroom a luxurious spa look is the perfect way to pamper yourself.

And from what we have seen, it is possible to achieve this without a big budget.

In conclusion, it is not hard to make your bathroom into a spa, and it will only require you to figure out what you need for the remodeling.

The ultimate satisfaction will be achieving your home spa to help you unwind and relax after a long day.