How To Enjoy A Shower

Shower is relaxing, soothing, revitalizing, and flexible. You can either start your day with a fresh shower or get ready to get a warm full night sleep after taking a hot shower. In any case, taking a shower is one of the best things to rejuvenate all your senses. In this article, we’re going to tell you some ways that can help you make your showering experience way cooler than ever.

Adding up a little something to shower is not limited to only those mentioned-in-the-article ways but you can also try different things to take your shower experience to the next level. Anyways, let’s start with how you can make your shower better than ever.

Forming the Ambience

spaIt’s a psychological fact that our taste of enjoyment from a particular activity is elevated with the visuals first i.e. the better our mind is able to conceive the environment around ourselves, the more we’re able to make the most out of our experience. This is also true in case of a shower. Hence, one of the best things to try for making your shower experience better is to create the setting. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Get in the mood – To start with, you can dim the lights – if not turn them off altogether – and light up some candles. You can also fire up an oil burner to make the room smell aromatic. Feel free to try and experiment different things to set up your mood.
  2. Take everything you’ll need once – Pausing your shower in between for fetching a thing you need during the shower might wear down your shower mood. Therefore, make sure you bring all your belongings and requirements to the shower place before indulging in the activity. Put all your conditioner, shampoo, soap, lotions, towel, and other things at a reachable place so that you might able to fetch them, when you’ll need them, without leaving the shower.
  3. Music makes the mood – Music soothes the soul and so does the shower. This means the combo of these both can give you an exquisite experience. You can turn on the radio or mp3 player of your shower system for tuning into your favorite music or you can connect some device like your phone or tablet with speakers and start the roll. Just make sure the speakers and other electronic equipment you use are kept at a safe distance from the shower. You can sing along the music to have a richer experience.
  4. Some me time – Shower can be a peaceful space distant from the binds of space and time! Ok…that’s a bit far-fetched but still you can have a personal space to meet yourself while having the shower. Relax down, take a long breath, enjoy all the things around, and enjoy the time with yourself.
  5. Loose some sweat – Taking a shower right after having a workout is way more relaxing and soothing. Reason being, the muscles are all tensed up and gets relaxed as soon as you are soaked in water. If you want to really feel it, take a shower after a run, a play or a workout session.

Take a smooth shower

Taking a quick shower is common and many a times, you might need to do it because of the time running out the window however if you wish to make the best out of your shower you should invest a little time and run all the things in a smooth manner. Interested? Follow these steps to take a smooth shower:

  1. Set the temperature just right – A shower can be soothing cold, steaming hot or anything in between. Henceforth, first of all get the temperature right for your shower gig. The best thing of setting temperature is that you can tune it anytime in between a shower. You can easily mix hot and cold shower for a new kind of experience. FYI, hot water is suitable for soothing muscles while cold water is able to boost up muscle recovery.
  2. Other tasks first – For enjoying a full body-wrenching shower, you might like to do the “other” tasks first. These tasks such as washing hair and shaving can be tackled before you soak down your body. If you have long curls and locks then washing hair will definitely be a laborious activity. You might need to do it beforehand so that you can enjoy the main course.
  3. body washSome gentle body wash – For taking a gently full-body wash, you can make use of a number of products ranging from mere soaps to washing creams. Take your time, scrub the soap/cream gently on your body. Always remember to use only those products that you aren’t allergic to.
  4. Tuck in immediately you exit the shower – Right after you’re done with the shower, get wrapped up immediately. You can have a hot beverage right after the shower to get into the warmth. Apply lotions and moisturizers to lock the necessary moisture under your skin.

Fun Shower Activities

Like already said, you can try out a lot of different things to make your shower experience better. You can even do a lot of things while in the shower. Below is a list of some activities that can make your shower experience better while still being in the shower:

  1. Be a bathroom singer – Everyone is a bathroom singer. You can sing off whatever you’ve in your head while having a shower. You don’t need to be perfect, just enjoy. In addition, you can use some instrumental tracks to get yourself in the shoes.
  2. Shower beer for the mood – Crack open a bottle of “shower beer” just before you enter the shower and enjoy it while having a shower. The beverage will help you drop all the stress piled up from the day and have a sound night sleep. A warm shower and a chilling inside can be a soothing combo.
  3. Just think – You can use the shower time to focus better on your thoughts and enjoy the wondrous wanderings created by the mind.
  4. Go co-op – You can invite someone close or with whom you are comfortable with to give a company while enjoying the rejuvenating activity.