How To Shower

How to shower! Hmm…it’s like everybody knows how to take a shower. You go to the bathroom, turn on your shower, apply shampoo, conditioner and other things, wash them off, apply soap on your body, take the shower, and you’re done. What’s the big deal? In point of fact, there is something more to a shower then just cleaning and washing.

How to Shower

relaxing showerShowering is not just any activity, it is an exercise – an exercise for both the mind and the body. On top of that, it is an essential part of personal hygiene something that you can’t just skip. A strategically well-planned shower not only cleans and soothes you but it also gives you shiny hair, healthy skin and good health. So, if you’ve that uncanny tingle for improving personal hygiene you should definitely like to know how to make your everyday shower more effective.

Run down the following steps to work your way towards a better shower:

  1. First things first, brush your hair – Because wet hair is prone to breakage, it is obligatory to detangle you hair first before taking the shower. While waiting for the water to warm up, you can brush and untangle your hair. You can make use of the several different types of combs and hairbrushes for the purpose. Be sure not to force your hair while brushing as this can lead to breakage and weakening of the roots. If you have short hair then detangling might not be a big deal, however, you need to procced with caution if you’re having long hair.
  2. Thoroughly rinse your hair – Before using shampoo or conditioner, you need to rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water. It’s necessary because it helps to loosen up all the oil and dirt present in your hair so that these can be easily removed by the shampoo. Hence, a thorough rinse is a must before you proceed to lathering up your hair. You can let the warm water run slowly on your hair and use your hands to rinse each strand of your hair. Once you’re done with the rinsing you might proceed to the next step, which is lathering.
  3. Lathering in the right way – Most of us just splash all of the shampoo on the hair in just one go. That’s not right. You need to apply all the shampoo uniformly across your entire locks and curls and then might need to apply a small amount of water. Afterwards, start rubbing the shampoo (in a gentle way) all over your hair. You can make use of a rhythmic back and forth motion. Always remember to nape the neck too. Keep rubbing till enough lather is produced. Now, rinse all the lather from your hair.
  4. cosmeticQuick-slick conditioner – Conditioner can stretch a day-lasting shine to your hair. To make your hair ready for the conditioner, squeeze out all the water from your hair. Try to make a loose pony of your hair. Now, take a drop-shaped amount of conditioner and apply it through the upper half of your hair i.e. towards the hair-ends. Because conditioner is all about bringing a greasy look to your hair, you don’t need to apply the conditioner to the hair roots. Give your hair a few seconds to soak up the effect of the conditioner and then rinse it thoroughly with water for an immediate glossy effect.
  5. It’s time for body cleaning – Once you’re done with your hair, it’s time to clean up your body. Because lather left off from conditioner and shampoo can cause irritation and breakouts on your skin, you need to let some warm water run all over your physique just to ensure that no shampoo/conditioner is left on your body. Thereafter, you need to apply soap or body washing cream over the entire body. Apply some more water on your body and rub the soap/cream gently. Once you’ve produced enough lather all over your body, wash your physique with warm water. Carefully remove all the lather produced by the soap/cream to avoid skin irritation. Now, use your towel to dry your body thoroughly from head to feet.
  6. Shaving comes next – This step might be different for both men and women. However, it needs to be done by both only once after you’ve taken the shower. To remove all ingrown hairs, you need to scrub before you shave. This can effectively remove ingrown hairs, if any. Always use a sharp razor for the purpose. Once you’re done with the shaving thing, you need to clean the razor to make it ready-to-use for the next time you need it. Men can use after shave lotions once they’re done with the shave.
  7. Face for the last – Once you’re done with your hair, body and shave; it’s time to brighten up your face and give it the glow it deserves. The skin on your face is very gentle as compared to other body skin and hence, needs a little extra bit of care to be dealt with. Instead of using warm water, you can use lukewarm water for washing your face. Apply face cream gently all over your face and rub it to produce lather. Polish the lather for a few seconds over your face and then rinse your face slowly with lukewarm water. Once you’re done with rinsing, take a final rinse with some cool water (shouldn’t be too cold). This will help to seal the hair cuticle and retain your natural complexion.

That’s It!

So, that completes you shower. The aforementioned steps will ensure you to get the best results out from your daily shower. Your hair will look glossy, your face will be at its best and you’ll feel relaxed. This amazing feeling will let you make the best out of your day. Just make sure that whether your shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc. shouldn’t be left anywhere on your body as these are chemicals and can produce undesired skin conditions. On a last note, always use a dry and clean towel and after each shower let the towel out to dry because wet towel can accelerate conditions for bacteria growth.

Happy shower!