12 Sure Reasons for Getting Yourself a Dehumidifier

More often than not our bathrooms end up accumulating awful smells and this is also evident in other rooms within the house that do not have adequate ventilation. One good reason for this bad smell is the excess moisture (humidity) present in the air. Typically homeowners are left frustrated with the possible solutions to removing the excess moisture within places such as the bathroom and laundry room.

healthFortunately, the humidity in these places can be effectively reduced by using a bathroom dehumidifier.

Dehumidifiers are known for their prowess at not only taking care of the humidity problems but also help provide the much-needed comfort to the bathroom and other rooms.

Consequently, many people are choosing the electrical appliance as a way to eliminate moisture and help lower the humidity within their houses.

With a good dehumidifier unit at hand, here are the many apparent benefits that you could experience.

Get rid of dust mites and allergens

Humidity is an excellent breeding ground for dust mites, and excessive build-up means I could result in allergies and asthma issues.

Additionally, the more humid your bathroom, the more allergens form a base around the room.

Often this is a matter overlooked in most homes, and the bathroom is probably the leading potential source of most allergens within the home.

While there is the option of cleaning the room every day, that may end up becoming a tiresome task.

Therefore, an excellent solution would be to invest in a dehumidifier to help keep the dust mites and away while also keeping the allergic and asthma elements under control.

The dehumidifier presents a level humid environment which is not favorable to the survival of dust mites and in particular most allergens within the home’s atmosphere.

Prevent rusting and warping

Rusting and warping is the number one evidence of increased moisture and damp conditions around the home.

One affected area is especially metal items that are around the house as they end up rusting due to moisture accumulation.

On the other hand, wooden things will witness warping effect, and this could end up becoming permanent damage to the furniture around the bathroom and home.

Door frames may also end up warping of the moisture reaches excessive levels making them hard to close properly.

Hence, to avoid overlooking the rusting and warping, a dehumidifier would help prevent these situations even before they become huge problems that need professional repair.

That also makes the dehumidifier an excellent tool to help protect not just the furniture within the home, but also help ensure the longevity of the machinery.

Reduce condensation

Frequently, individuals would see windows steam up with condensation and form a small river which creates damp patches around the edges.

Additionally, such a scenario also indicates the possibility of the wall becoming damp.

This process could lead to blistering and peeling of the wall paint or wallpaper in place.

Such an occurrence is common with walls and windows in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms since the areas are most susceptible bearing in minds they experience the most exposure to moisture.

However, to keep such a situation at bay, it is wise always to run a home dehumidifier when cooking, doing laundry or after taking a shower.

The device is much simpler and less costly equipment in comparison to air conditioner since it not only removes the dampness from the bathroom and home but also makes it warmer and much dryer by reducing the condensation.

Health benefits

As aforementioned, using a dehumidifier could help reduce the chances of allergens accumulating and if you have a family member with allergies, then such a step would be wise in improving their conditions.

Additionally, damp conditions around the house could also play a role in accelerating adverse health conditions apart from allergies.

In the case, you may have arthritis suffer a dehumidifier forms an excellent option in helping improve their conditions by reducing the moisture within the air.

A dehumidifier would go a long way in reducing the pain in their joints while in the house.

Overall, dehumidifiers could help reduce or prevent potential respiratory diseases that can come in many forms.

But the decisive of all ailments could mean difficulty in breathing and a dehumidifier could fix this problem by eliminating possible triggers.

Eliminate mold and mildew build-up

Moisture is everywhere inside the home, and this means to mold or mildew can occur anywhere.

In the long run, this presents a dangerous situation especially in matters relating to health as chances are the occupants end up inhaling the mold spores.

Often the first indication of a mold is a musty smell around the home and once as evidence arises you may have to eliminate the mold first before making the option of purchasing a dehumidifier.

Additionally, severe mold presence could end up damaging clothes and linens due to too much exposure to moisture.

If you are experiencing such constant issues with mold or mildew, it may be worthy to purchase a dehumidifier for space worst affected.

Enhance comfort

moldAnother benefit of a bathroom dehumidifier is that they are a substantial investment regarding offering comfort within your home and for your health.

While it may seem an unnecessary purchase, a dehumidifier create the perfect living environment for indoors since it helps achieve the relative ideal humidity of 45%.

There is also the scenario whereby too much moisture ends up increasing temperatures within the home and this is common due to alternating seasons that present different humid levels.

In the end, such an increase in humidity will make it uncomfortable for the occupants.

Additionally, young children, elderly relatives, and the sick may get affected by increased moisture within the house, and this extreme condition results in discomfort and even breathing problems in severe cases.

That is especially common during the summer since it is the warmest times of the year.

Save on energy bills

Fortunately, with dehumidifiers becoming a favorite electronic unit most of the Model come with energy-efficient features that ensure they operate in a manner that is energy-conscious and help save on the cost of energy.

Not only will the dehumidifier be presenting you with a healthier and comfortable environment but also save you money in the process.

Apart from their energy-efficient features, there is the fact that dehumidifiers assist in regulating the house temperature by moderating the humidity levels.

Ultimately, this means there is less cranking up of the air conditioner and operating at such guidelines helps reduce the overall utility costs for both devices in one process.

Therefore, it is evident a dehumidifier could go beyond the intent of the appliance and help you plan your budget in an affordable range.

Protect the air quality

The mention of air quality is often associated with the number of toxins present within the space in the house.

However, this also means the level of humidity itself and a dehumidifier is one of the best devices to identify ideal moisture for the room.

That is apart from the hygrometer which is used only to measure the humidity levels.

There is also the fact that the dehumidifier model comes with the Energy Star certification which is an approval by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy.

These two institutions are not only responsible for approval of such products but also responsible for the monitoring of indoor air quality and safeness.

Save yourself from damp smells

While inhaling mold spores is the ultimate dangers of mold build-up, there is also the particularly uncomfortable situation of having smelling odor within the furniture, carpeting, baseboards, walls, cabinets or under sinks.

However, the resulting odor is a good indicator that things could get out of hand and the mold is undoubtedly becoming excess.

Therefore, any smell of odor means you should be motivated to eliminate it by using a dehumidifier.

The dehumidifier helps remove the moisture build-up that results in the excessive mildew or mold in the home.

Therefore, having a dehumidifier could serve the purpose of eliminating the odor by preventing the potential lingering of the mildew hot spots and spread of other types of fungus.

Easy operation

moistureMoisture build-up affects different spaces from homes to industrial areas.

With this fact in mind, plenty of dehumidifier models impose simplicity and convenience to the most novice of users.

Nowadays, a good number of dehumidifiers come with carrying handles and caster which is a feature that allows for placement across different rooms across the house.

Ultimately, this allows one only to purchase one unit and strategically place it instead of buying multiple units.

Additionally, dehumidifiers are known as one of the home devices with easy and quick maintenance process.

On most occasion, quality models of dehumidifiers usually feature a top-loading filter that innovatively allows for quick and straightforward routine check.

Other designs still do require having the internal reservoir taken out to allow for cleaning or changing in cases where the filter is damaged.

However, units with the stop-loading filter offer easy operation since there is immediate access to the screen.

In the end, this helps cut down on wasting time trying to open the dehumidifier and prevent a potential mess.

Keep insects out

Most individuals are also unaware of damp conditions making favorable conditions for small insects such as ants, millipedes, and other small insects or pests.

Such a situation is evident in places such as bathrooms, laundry rooms and in particular basements which are suitable locations for the insects.

A technical explanation of this is that many of these bugs possess exoskeletons or which are skeletons outside their bodies.

Therefore, the only way they can breathe is through the area having a high level of humidity.

A dehumidifier would come in handy in such a case since the device reduces moisture level making the insects dry out and die quickly than having to use insecticides or pesticides.

Nevertheless, this is no excuse to avoid keeping the bathroom or home clean, as that remains the ultimate solution to helping keep most of the bugs out.

How to know if you require a dehumidifier

It is evident that dehumidifiers are the ultimate quick and straightforward solution to help reduce the humidity levels within your home.

While they can be a bonus, not all shelters may be in need of this devices to help regulate their humidity level.

But how do you know if you need one? Here are some pointers indicating the need for a dehumidifier

  • Presence of water spots on the windows is an indication of too much humid indoors
  • Condensation on the inner glass of the rooms which occurs as steam or vapor
  • Moisture or water stains present on the ceiling and walls
  • The rooms feel stuffy with the musty odors particularly in cramped spaces, and small rooms signaling excessive humidity levels
  • Presence of molds in the bathrooms and other spaces that are not well ventilated
  • The climate of the area- people living in very humid areas such as near forestland or large water bodies may also need a dehumidifier as the environment results in too much moisture within the house.
  • Lack of ventilation- there are rooms within the house that you can do little to ventilate.
  • Such a situation necessitates using a dehumidifier to ensure the air remains of good quality with favorable humidity levels

Bottom line

The critical goal of owning or using a dehumidifier is to remove and prevent the bulk of the moisture present within the bathroom and the home in general.

And as with any home device, any quality dehumidifier will work to ensure a there is a healthy environment for the home occupants by maintaining the safety and quality of air without disruptions.

Therefore, it is imperative to find an affordable and good quality dehumidifier that will fit all your needs.

Keep in mind factors such as types, sizes, capacities and unique features offer a wide variety to choose from and help you monitor and maintain your humid levels.