Bathroom Plants You Should Have and Their Significance

Having a piece of plant in your bathroom is a beautiful sight to start and end your day. However, the plants’ significance doesn’t end there, as several other uses go beyond the bathroom space.

The secret is to get those houseplants that do pretty well in dry areas meaning they can thrive under low lighting, warmth and the high humidity bath environment.

Here is are some ideas of the sort of plants will do well in your space;


orchidThe orchard plant is well known for its calming effects in whatever space they thrive.

And it’s for this reason that you’ll find quite a number of them in spas around the globe.

So if you already have a hot bathtub and would like something to complete the thrilling home Jacuzzi experience, get a beautiful orchid plant and position it on the windowsill to protect it from direct sunlight.

On the other hand, the leaves will blossom with the help of the high humidity.

Besides, the plant makes an ideal pick for both small and significant spaces.

Boston Fern

Mostly found in the sub-tropical and tropical rain-forests, the Boston fern tends to thrive excellently in similar climates easily.

The eye-catching plant is characterized by long-hanging leaves and is a favorite houseplant in most homes with humid baths.

You nonetheless, have to consider something else if your space doesn’t hold up much moist.

For better growth, ensure to strategically place the plant away from direct light as this tends to wither the leaves.

Close monitoring of the temperature is also vital as the plant appreciates anything between 55-75 degrees Celsius.

Also, remember to maintain the moisture of the soil at standard level, especially over the growing periods.

Aloe Vera

aloe veraIf you thought the benefits of the Aloe Vera plant only applies to hair care, then you’re wrong.

Given that the plant is immortal, it makes a vital addition to your houseplants addition.

A small portion of the Aloe Vera juice from time to time would meet your body’s essential mineral and vitamin needs.

You can also apply the fresh gel as a form of natural treatment on all sorts of wounds.

The usefulness also spread to overall skin care.

And like other similar tropical-friendly plants, the Aloe doesn’t appreciate too much lighting and tends to maximize on humidity, hence its liking for the dark shade of the standard bathroom environment.

Peace Lily

You would get enough of the mesmerizing beauty of the Peace Lily.

Its incredible combination of white and green brings a natural shine to your bathroom space.

The plant enjoys low levels of light and would flourish from the volatile daily environment of your bathroom.

Its primary usefulness lies in air purification.

Spider Plant

The Spider plant is one of the few plants in this list that can prosper in both the outdoor and indoor environments.

Their versatile nature makes them an excellent choice for both large and small bathrooms as they tend to maximize in whichever condition to showcase their benefits, probably facing a large/small window/opening.

Since the Spider plants require little care, they are ideal for individuals with a heavy schedule.

You, however, have to ensure you place them under sufficient lighting.

It helps in riding odor any other forms of fumes from the surrounding air.

English Ivy

english ivyThe Ivy plant is known for its air clearing benefits.

Its light requirements are also on the minimal, and the green beauty enjoys the high-humidity levels of most modern bathrooms.

And if you’re short on space, you get to hang this plant from the ceiling for the wowing sight of the incredibly trailing leave, or merely strategically position it on a bench or piece of furniture at a corner.

Why should I Have Plants in My Bathroom?

To curb Air Pollution

A lot is going on in both residential and commercial buildings on a daily basis.

Therefore, events such as cooking, toilet use and emission of breath through the night under closed doors hinder proper circulation of fresh air, leading to air pollution.

The fact that plants make use of the harmful carbon dioxide and other toxins in the air, during the photosynthesis process.

Through this, they help get rid of unfavorable indoor air.

Hence you enjoy fresh air throughout the day.

Reduces Stress and Triggers Soothing Effects

There is usually a specific calming effect that comes with the sight of nature.

It’s a beautiful feeling staring at the beauty and sometimes weird formation of plants, while several unanswerable questions pop in your mind.

The same case applies to the time you spend caring for your flowers.

Research also indicates the vital role of plants in psychological treatments, which stresses on their usefulness.

Besides, it’s fulfilling watching the waving leavings and smiling flowers as you take your time in the bathtub.

Don’t forget the sweet scents!

They Bring a Sparkle to Your Bathroom

Well, it might not be the kind of shine you’re thinking of, but having different shades of houseplants in your bath area, will surely uplift the entire décor.

Growing a plant or two in your small space makes a perfect choice to give it a significant effect.

Selecting Bathroom Plants


Even though most of the plants in this article flourish even under low light conditions, it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t require any amount of light.

Therefore ensure your bathroom has at least a small window at one corner or some artificial lighting for this needs.

Temperature and Humidity

Many plants out there wouldn’t do well in hot/warm air environments such as that of your bathroom.

Therefore, ensure you get the right kind of plants, such as the sub-tropical and tropical examples above with fewer humidity needs and warmth appreciation features.

Positioning and Space

Since bathrooms make to the list of the smallest rooms in the house, they wouldn’t accommodate large plants among other fixtures.

Hence, plants with hanging leaves and coiling stem excellent male choices.

Additionally, ensure you have a windowsill in place for sufficient lighting.

You can also add some fluorescent bulbs for some boost.