How Often Should You Shower?

There are no uniform thoughts when it comes to the right showering frequency talk. In fact, most speak from their experiences considering their different skin types.

So before you take any stand on how often you should give your entire body a wash-up, you should first examine both your skin and hair types.

While we discourage over-showering, under-showering isn’t commendable either as both actions have dire effects on the skin and your overall well-being.

skinHence, before you label yourself clean due to your daily or occasional bathing routine, the first question should be as to whether you’re doing it right and in a healthy manner.

Are Daily Showers That Beneficial?

The mechanism of skin formation is a long and tedious.

It primarily involves the secretion of essential oils and the proper functionality of hair follicles to ensure the development of healthy skin.

Remember, healthy skin is an indication of an efficient body system.

Therefore, it’s for the above reasons that you should take your skin care and those of your loved ones seriously.

Since your skin oils are responsible for the formation of a protective layer that prevents the toxic chemicals and micro-organisms from entering your body, washing then off makes your body vulnerable to infections.

One of the surest ways of tampering with the accumulation of useful skin oils is through daily baths.

It’s even dangerous when the showers are long and involve a lot of scrubbing and the use of alcohol-based products.

For this reason, you should consider skipping daily whole body baths if your engagement in active, vigorous activities remains minimal.

So if you spend most of the day indoors and the climate doesn’t trigger sweating, you can comfortably go for a day or two without a bath.

It’s a different case, however, to workout lovers as it’s hygienic to hit the shower immediately after.

The best way to address this nonetheless, without posing any danger to the health of your skin, is by incorporating the use of an antiseptic over soap.

If you didn’t know, according to health experts, that bathing gel you love so much creates a conducive environment for bacteria breeding.

Furthermore, chemically processed cleansing products wash-away essential oils from your skin, leaving it dry and causing damage in the long run.

Hence, if you must bathe daily ensure to reduce your shower timing at least to minimize losses.

Which Places Should I give Priority?

The functionality of body parts aren’t equal, and it’s for this reason you should prioritize their cleanliness depending on their waste elimination benefits.

For instance parts such as armpits, buttocks, groins and breast areas for women, experience high sweating capabilities, thus might stink and hub bacteria if left dirty.

Sweating is, however, relative and depends on the natural formations of individuals and participation in various activities.

You can apply this advice during cold seasons when it’s too cold to expose your skin to dry air or on days when you aren’t indulging in sporty activities.

Don’t over-lather

bathingNow this one comes as a surprise to many as most people enjoy the feel of too much lather on their skin.

Yes, while the feeling is right, you might want to reconsider the health risks that poses.

Soap alone dries your skin in minutes leaving it vulnerable than ever.

So imagine combining scrubbing and lathering daily and not even once but twice? Ooh, your skin PH levels must be struggling to perform their duties.

And because not all individuals pass a day without showering, it’s advisable to consider using liquid detergents as opposed to their bar counterparts due to the high oil levels they contain.

Additionally, liquids block bacteria building unlike the welcoming properties of bar soaps.

What about My Skin Moisture?

It’s unfortunate that most individuals continue to think that too much lathering and spending more time in the bathtub provides essential skin moisture.

While the facts stand that they don’t from our previous arguments, there is still something you can do, and that’s moistening.

Hence, instead of running to the shower every other hour, try replacing that with a generous application of a moisturizing cream? Of course, you can wipe the hot spots and enjoy the soft feel of your skin.

The aspect of keeping the skin moisture levels high tends to increase with age since the skin naturally wear-out as we grow old.

Consider buying a few essential oils to add to your cream for optimum benefits.

What Can I gain From Frequent Baths?

Quite a controversial statement in this context, right? But there is still no way we can ignore the remarkable benefits of baths to our bodies.

It could be for this reason that most people find it hard to adhere to experts’ advice on forgoing daily showering.

For instance, a single wash under the shower guarantees you an odor-free day, so you get to mingle with other people without holding back freely.

bathThere also therapeutical benefits of warm water baths, which include stress relief and healing of sore joints.

Some experts also swear by the pain-relieving effects of cold water, which they term beneficial in some cancer treatments.

The benefits also spread to better napping/sleeping sessions when one is sick or merely facing exhaustion spells.

The issue of self-confidence slowly creeps in as well, because smart dressing and glooming go hand in hand with a clean, good smelling body.

Therefore, you might want to weigh the pros and cons of daily baths, examine your lifestyle and decide what routine will be favorable for you.


From the above arguments, it’s clear that the bathing debate isn’t ending anytime soon.

So long as we have people with different opinions in this world, everyone is going to continue doing what they feel is best.

Therefore, the next time you want to judge someone for not thinking the way you do harshly, think of the possibility of your different skin tones and daily tasks.

What’s the big deal anyway if they aren’t stinking? Or what are your thoughts? Do share!