Creative Ideas To Save You Space in The Bathroom

Everyone desires a spacious bathroom with a comfortable stub, large bath vanity, elegant furniture and unique accessories. Unfortunately, most of today’s house models rarely come with such a feature.

Additionally, homeowners often end up discovering later that their bathroom is not sufficiently spacious to allow them to develop their dream bathroom décor.

While a large bathroom is more comfortable to renovate, there are activities that one could still undertake to ensure space does not become a constraint even if the bathroom is indeed small.

Overall, a small bathroom motivates one to find creative ideas which could help make the room look large.

These ideas often border on consider aspects such as the design, color scheme, storage among other needs.

Here are some of the critical, creative ideas applicable for bathrooms where space is an issue.

1. Use mirrors

mirror in bathroomA common trick in use to enhance the feeling of space within small rooms is using mirrors.

Mirrors often create an illusion of a spacious bathroom by adding light.

A common theme is the mirror cabinet which is an excellent choice to open up your bathroom space.

If you can place additional oval mirrors, they would give an elongated look to the room.

The best advice is to pick flat mirrors since big ones could end up making it a hectic process for installation.

2. Take advantage of natural light

Most homeowners tend to block natural light with concerns on privacy and security.

However, this makes the bathrooms darker giving the occupant a feeling of lack of space.

On the other hand, accessing natural light to the bathroom gives it a sense of being much more significant.

Therefore, bigger windows or a skylight are the best options to start with as ways to let in more light.

3. Consider adjustable shelves

With small bathrooms lacking adequate space for storage and this means one has to become creative with the solutions that will help reduce the clutter within the rooms.

Adjustable shelves above the toilet or tub are an excellent installation to save on space.

You will not need a large vanity but one that will comfortably fit within the narrow space.

4.  Bright colors

colourAs aforementioned, the color scheme of the bathroom plays a prominent role in how much spacious the room seems.

Experts do recommend bright colors since they are perfect at creating an illusion of space, therefore, making them an ideal match for your small bathroom.

The light colors could go to the walls or even the ceiling to enhance the illusion.

However, this would not necessarily mean painting the whole bathroom as you can opt for quality wallpapers to achieve the effect.

5. Bathtub or shower?

Most bathrooms are not luxurious enough to accommodate a full-sized bathtub and the best option to overcome this problem is to install a standard shower stall.

An ideal choice for most households is to get a glass shower stall as it gives the bathroom a stylish and contemporary look.

If a glass shower is not perfect, you can use a transparent shower curtain to allow light also to penetrate the shower space.

6. Vertical storage

If you have a small bathroom, designing the floor space as a storage area can be a tricky affair.

One problem you may meet is that most of the bathroom items are on the floor and therefore, you should ensure you utilize the walls maximum.

Instead of benches, you can install shelves to hold the toiletries within the vanity or to hold the clean towels.

The wall space is also an excellent opportunity to add decorative elements to the bathroom such as jars, scented candles, etc.

7. Towel rails and hooks

bathroom storageAlthough shelves seem luxurious, not all bathrooms can also sufficiently accommodate them, and the next option in such a scenario is to pick tower rails or hooks.

Towel rails come in handy when installing strategically within the bathroom and give a sense of convenience and save on extra space.

Hooks can further give you more space over the towel rails since they can works for towels, robes, and holding other frequently used bathroom accessories.

8. Maximize the corners

Small bathroom owners should make the maximum use out of any dead corner within the room.

You can install a towel rack, shower bath, or even a floor cabinet to hold the bathroom essentials or towels.

Additionally, one can repurpose the corner with a plant stand, bench or countertop to hold small toiletries or makeup material.

9. Using patterns effectively

There are those that often want to give their bathroom a much more decorative look, and they choose to have a pattern design as a bathroom wall addition.

In the case of a small bathroom, such a situation should ensure that it’s a plain and straightforward pattern instead of using an exaggerated pint with a busy model.

Whether tiles or wallpaper the design should also be large enough to give the room the perception of space.

10. Toilet model

toiletThe toilet design plays a role in the amount of space within the bathroom.

If the size of the bathroom is indeed small, then having an elongated toilet would take up plenty of space in the bathroom.

Therefore, a toilet with a round style is much suitable option to save you on the much-needed space.

Bringing the bathroom remodeling together

There is a common notion that a small bathroom is challenging to design.

We have seen that with the right tricks and information you could end up making it look substantially more massive than it seems.

That can be very easy, and as we have seen, a small bathroom is by no means an excuse to avoid renovation.

Therefore, there are endless possibilities you can explore for your bathroom, and the only limit is your imaginations when it comes to creating innovative ideas.

If you are concerned with the budgeting, it is safe to remember that it does not take much to build a beautiful bathroom no matter the size.