Best Shower Faucet Reviews in 2024

Having the best shower faucets ensures you start and end your day with a gentle refreshing wash. Therefore, if you love spending quality time in the bath, then you must already know the vital role the appropriate faucet plays in enhancing your shower experience.

That said, like any other form of household shopping, selecting the right fixtures for your bathroom doesn’t come easy especially for first-time shoppers.

Our 3 Top Rated Shower Faucets Reviews

1. Delta BT14296-OB Windemere Single-Function Shower Trim Kit
1. Delta BT14296-OB Windemere Single-Function Shower Trim Kit
Best overall performer mainly because of its timeless classic look that would serve you for years.
2. Delta T17238-SS Lahara 17 Series Dual-Function Shower Trim Kit
2. Delta T17238-SS Lahara 17 Series Dual-Function Shower Trim Kit
With the features it promises to provide, we find it ideal for middle-range budgeters.
3. Delta T14251 Dryden 14 Series Single-Function Shower Trim Kit
3. Delta T14251 Dryden 14 Series Single-Function Shower Trim Kit
Excellent specifications that include spray settings will make you want to spend more time in the shower.

Hence, the reason as to why we have come up with this guide, to take you through the essential steps.

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Best Shower Faucets Reviews in 2023

Delta BT14296-OB Windemere Single-Function Shower Trim Kit Review

Delta BT14296-OB Windemere Single-Function Shower Trim KitTop on our list is the excellent shower faucet manufactures the Delta Faucet, with their Delta BT14296-OB Windemere, which is an ideal choice for full family usage.

This best shower faucet comes with a monitor scald-guard that helps to maintain consistent water temperature throughout your showering experience.

And if you would love to maintain the classic design of your bath area, then this stylish fixture will help you achieve your fantasies.

It also comes well packaged with an oversized shower head that would make you love the rain shower effect.

With this device, you can prove your commitment to environmental conservation as it comes with a water sense certification to promote water efficiency.

This delta classic shower fixture has a valve for balancing pressure contains a lifetime warranty for the finish and faucet.

At its price, the solid brass construction seeks to guarantee durability and reliability, so you get to enjoy peace of mind.

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Delta BT14296-OB PROS:
  • Hot water control technology
  • Solid brass construction
  • Rainfall design
  • Durable construction

Delta BT14296-OB CONS:
  • Low water flow reports
  • Doesn’t come with connections

Our sincere opinion about Delta BT14296-OB

Our liking for the Delta BT14296-OB Windemere is mainly because of its timeless classic look that would serve you for years.

After all, sometimes simplicity is classy.

Delta T17238-SS Lahara 17 Series Dual-Function Shower Trim Kit Review

Delta T17238-SS Lahara 17 Series Dual-Function Shower Trim KitJust like the BT14296-OB Windemere, the Delta T17238-SS Lahara offers durability and reliability to its users.

The Delta manufacturers’ product has a stainless finish and is an innovation of top-notch materials and latest technological innovations.

This device accurately functions to demonstrate the beauty of the waves and proudly displays its elegant and curvy design.

Its one-piece handle is reliable and makes an excellent addition to your bathroom décor.

The shower faucet also makes use of the hot water control technology, and its water consumption system is highly innovative.

You get an excellent cartridge balance of pressure with this fixture, something that offers you value for your money.

With this shower faucet, you get to control the water volume and temperature using independent handles to achieve a well-refined shower experience control.

You won’t get a hard time cleaning this device as its touch-clean spray holes are easy to wipe, thus saving you cleaning time.

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Delta T17238-SS PROS:
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Double-function pressure balance cartridge
  • Water efficient
  • Hat water control technology

Delta T17238-SS CONS:
  • Small shower head

Our sincere opinion about Delta T17238-SS

This product enjoys a range of positive customer reviews.

And with the features it promises to provide, we find it ideal for middle-range budgeters.

Delta T14251 Dryden 14 Series Single-Function Shower Trim Kit Review

Delta T14251 Dryden 14 Series Single-Function Shower Trim KitIf a contemporary look is what you seek to maintain in your bathroom look, then Delta T14251 Dryden has a perfect match for you.

The fixture comes with an attractive square rain can that would make you want to spend more time in the shower.

Additionally, you get value for your money with this item’s solid brass construction complete with various finishes that would include chrome, stainless steel, bronze and polished nickel.

Enjoy a maximum handle rotation of 120° with this product and easy to fix spare parts replacement experience of all parts from the front of the valve.

This best Delta shower faucet model offers impressive clean lines and eye-captivating geometric forms.

When you purchase this Delta device, you get to enjoy a lifetime faucet warranty.

Also, there is a valve that would help regulate the rapid hot/cold water changes such that you enjoy smooth showering.

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Delta T14251 PROS:
  • Includes spray settings
  • Replaceable body parts
  • Cold/hot water valve regulation
  • Highly effective and reliable

Delta T14251 CONS:
  • Doesn’t come with a rough-in
  • Lightweight valve backplate

Our sincere opinion about Delta T14251

The Delta T14251 Dryden has excellent specifications that include spray settings.

The instant hot water control system also works to offer you a better showering experience.

Delta T17294-RB-I Linden 17 Series Dual-Function Shower Trim Kit Review

Delta T17294-RB-I Linden 17 Series Dual-Function Shower Trim KitDelta T17294-RB-I Linden seeks to offer its users an ultimate showering experience with its multiple useful features.

This two-in-one shower comes with a clean dimension of 9 x 14.4 x 6 inches and 5 pounds weight.

Its construction is 100% full brass to guarantee you of its durability and reliability through the years.

The fact that it comes in different finishes (bronze, stainless and chrome) makes it an ideal choice for homeowners with varying tastes of the fixture, such that it blends well with whatever you’ve in mind.

With this item, your showering experience will never be the same as you can quickly adjust from the standard regular shower position to a close-range experience with the help of its detachable shower head.

Therefore, the Delta T17294-RB-I Linden is ideal for a home with small children and pets as you can easily control the water temperature and pressure through the dual function handle.

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Delta T17294-RB-I PROS:
  • Easy to navigate hand shower button
  • Two-in-one shower
  • Offers maximum flexibility
  • Ideal for children and pets
  • Great for tab cleaning

Delta T17294-RB-I CONS:
  • Low water pressure reports

Our sincere opinion about Delta T17294-RB-I

This product might have several positive reviews, but we feel the leakage complaints could do better with professional installation.

Other than that, you get to enjoy versatility!

Delta Foundations BT13210-SS Monitor 13 Series Shower Trim Review

Delta Foundations BT13210-SS Monitor 13 Series Shower TrimNext in line is another quality shower faucet from Delta; the Delta Foundations BT13210-SS.

The product stands to boosts the décor of your bath with its different elegant finishes that would go well with any style.

With this faucets, you don’t have to worry about the type of tasks at hand as their robust nature quickly take you the cleanup and washing processes with ease.

You can take a long soak shower with this fixture without fears of hot water burns, as the monitor scald valve keeps everything in check, while you concentrate on the warm water body-soothing effects.

And unlike some similar fixture models in the current market, this one comes from full brass material that insists on its durability over the years.

Also, the Delta item has a full body spray showerhead, which assures you and your family members a perfect right at home upgrade.

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Delta Foundations BT13210-SS PROS:
  • Classy design with basic lines
  • Contains a Multi-choice universal rough valve body
  • Has a full body showerhead
  • Pretty affordable

Delta Foundations BT13210-SS CONS:
  • Insufficiently-powered showerhead
  • Requires a separate in-wall valve

Our sincere opinion about Delta Foundations BT13210-SS

We can readily recommend this product to anyone in need of a complete spa experience right at home.

Its price is also affordable.

American Standard 2064.724.002 Serin Complete Shower System Kit Review

American Standard 2064.724.002 Serin Complete Shower System KitThe American standard comes in to give Delta manufactures a fair competition for the wide best shower faucets market segment.

This product is an actual definition of the actual outcome of a mix of simplicity and reliability in one place.

Its metal design is something that would offer substantial value to your bathroom décor while keeping it modern but unobtrusive.

One look at this item and you would typically feel its solid and hefty construction, whose high-quality materials are no match no other fixtures in the same price range.

And if you enjoy flexibility, you will most probably like the three-functional adjustable hand shower that does everything right to ensure to meet your anticipations

The American Standard fixture comes with a hose, wall supply and slide bar for quick installation and convenience.

The manufacturers of this product showcase their confidence in its innovation by offering you a lifetime warranty on function and finishes.

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American Standard 2064.724.002 PROS:
  • Flexible supply hose
  • Comes in a complete kit
  • Stylish, lightweight design
  • 3-function adjustable hand shower

American Standard 2064.724.002 CONS:
  • Uncoupling hose covering reports
  • Narrow spray

Our sincere opinion about American Standard 2064.724.002

This product has a charming contemporary look, have a heavy metal construction and fantastic finishes.

Hence an excellent choice if you aren’t tight on budget.

Delta T17294-CZ-I Linden 17 Series Dual-Function Review

Delta T17294-CZ-I Linden 17 Series Dual-FunctionThe Delta Linden Champagne Bronze is an ideal choice for a traditionally styled bath for a modern-minded homeowner.

The shower two-in-one shower fixture is a shower faucet that comes in a dimension of 14 x 10.4 x 5.8-inches and weighs around 4 pounds.

The full brass high-quality material of this item is a real gem for your bath space, especially with the breath-taking champagne bronze finish.

And since showering is an everyday event, the Delta manufacturers ensures you get to enjoy it unique every time with this product that can faithfully endure long-term usage even in tough circumstances.

Another feature that would probably blow-out your mind is the two-function pressure balance control, which is readily installed to enhance its functionality.

And if you want to adjust the temperature, you can quickly reach out to the handle for quick navigation.

The integration of its shower head is also perfect, and the hose provides more showering efficiency.

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Delta T17294-CZ-I PROS:
  • Includes long hose
  • Has a hand-held shower head
  • Excellent pressure control

Delta T17294-CZ-I CONS:
  • Cumbersome hose

Our sincere opinion about Delta T17294-CZ-I

The Delta T17294-CZ-I Linden is ideal for traditionally designed bathrooms and comes in elegant color.

Its high-quality material is also long-lasting for everyday use.

Moen TS2712 90 Degree PosiTemp Shower Trim Kit Review

Moen TS2712 90 Degree PosiTemp Shower Trim KitThe Moen TS2712 90-Degree PosiTemp Shower Trim Kit is a classy wall mount the only faucet that measures 7.8 x 7.8 x 4.5 inches.

It is also an excellent pick for multi-choice faucets lovers as it has a chrome and nickel finish.

With this product, you can be confident to enjoy the highly reflective look in your bathroom and with its clean lines and fantastic metallic outlooks, your décor wouldn’t have a better complimentary.

The Moen brand item contains a rain shower head with a diameter of 6-inches, so you get to enjoy a full body shower with ease.

You, however, will have to spend more ion the valves as they are sold separately.

So remember to include that in your budget.

When it comes to the functionality of this product, you get to enjoy the pre-installed pressure and temperature settings for convenience.

You also get to enjoy the guarantee Moen’s limited lifetime warranty

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Moen TS2712 90 PROS:
  • Pretty affordable
  • High-quality material
  • 6-diameter rain shower head
  • Excellent pressure and temp. Controls

Moen TS2712 90 CONS:
  • Doesn’t include a valve

Our sincere opinion about Moen TS2712 90

This product comes at a very incredible price, so is pretty affordable for most people.

We find its 6-inches shower head a real deal for best rain showering experience.

Delta T17438 Lahara 17 Series Dual-Function Tub and Shower Trim Kit Review

Delta T17438 Lahara 17 Series Dual-Function Tub and Shower Trim KitOur list cannot be complete without a mention of the versatile Delta T17438.

This product seems to understand best your needs with its range of adjustable features that include the pause mode, full body spray, full spray with a massage mode, fast massage and the soft and drench spray.

It also caters to the requirements of abled-differently individuals as it complies with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

But if you’re considering a MultiChoice universal rough-in model, then you’ve to trade cautiously as it only comes with a trim kit.

Hence you have to spend more for a complete installation.

The cleaning process of this faucet is pretty simple as the soft, rubber spray holes makes it easy to wipe with ease.

You can also enjoy showering in peace with this faucet as the monitor pressure balance valve ensures to guard the cold and hot water temperatures so you won’t burn in case things go wrong.

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Delta T17438 Lahara 17 PROS:
  • Excellent for disabled individuals
  • Easy to clean
  • Multi-usage mode

Delta T17438 Lahara 17 CONS:
  • Doesn’t come with a MultiChoice universal rough-in

Our sincere opinion about Delta T17438 Lahara 17

With this product, you get a perfect complementary fixture for your bathroom décor.

Also, its features are worth the price.

Delta T14253-RB Vero 14 Series Single-Function Shower Trim Kit Review

Delta T14253-RB Vero 14 Series Single-Function Shower Trim KitWe wrap up our best shower faucet review with the Delta T14253-RB Vero 14 Series, thanks to its outstanding features.

The shower fixture contains a full body spray that would cater for all your standard daily showering needs.

So if you want a clean wash after shaving or merely want a calming effect to your tense nerves, this Delta item would gladly make you appreciate its efficiency.

To showcase its prowess, the manufacturers of this shower faucet include a valve protection feature that cushions you and your loved ones from any rapid automatic changes in the cold and hot pipes.

When it comes to cleaning, you only require a simple touch wiping to completely get rid of the harmful building up minerals due to chlorine.

It’s a stylish addition to your space thanks to the different available finishes (bronze, chrome, and stainless)

You, however, must order the separately sold MultiChoice Universal Valve to enjoy the lifetime faucet warranty.

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Delta T14253-RB Vero 14 PROS:
  • Multi-spray settings
  • Rain shower head
  • Sleek design

Delta T14253-RB Vero 14 CONS:
  • Conditional warranty
  • Cannot be shipped to California

Our sincere opinion about Delta T14253-RB Vero 14

The grand manner the water comes from this shower is breath-taking.

And the fact that you can use it for both indoor and outdoor showers makes it a real winner.

What’s Your Ideal Shower Experience?

showerYou cannot have a long or hot bath all year long.

In fact, for most individuals, the kind of shower they desire entirely depend on various factors such as the mood, time at hand and much more.

However, at least every standard homeowner anticipates to own an excellent shower head and valve, mainly to give their space an appealing look and due to their budget-friendly nature.

But that shouldn’t stop there as the vital part is the features you stand to gain.

Rainfall showers; with this showers, you get to enjoy the actual “rainfall” feel at the comfort of your bathroom.

The waterfalls on your head to other parts of the body.

The only significant difference you get with this experience is the ability to increase or reduce the waterfalls pressure according to your needs, which you probably don’t have to as its already low.

Most standard homes have a shower like this one, with the difference lies in the size of the shower head.


Multi-Choice Showers; if you want to experience something different, this showerheads will take you to the moon and back with their flexible operations.

Here you get full control of the shower spray patterns which range from gentle to massage.

And you even don’t have to worry about the price as there’re various affordable designs in the market.

Electronic shower; just like we expect anything electronic to come with a unique experience, so does this shower fixture.

Here you get to enjoy touchless devices such as music, calls and new lighting and spraying experiences.

And with the introduction of the energy-saving LED lights and effortless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, you can control everything without moving a muscle.

Multi-spray jets; this comes with a high-quality showerhead coupled up with spray jets for a memorable showering experience.

Imagine receiving up to three sources of water streams, all with different pressures?

Enjoying a home Jacuzzi wouldn’t be more comfortable, right?

Considerations for the Best Shower Fixtures

There is no absolute right or wrong way of going about your shower fixture shopping experience.

However, following a few tips could help you land the best deals.

Research; this includes using the internet to get the necessary information about the item you have in mind.

Take time to go through the customer reviews on various manufacturer devices.

You can also gather some information from family members and friends.

Don’t forget to compare prices in line with the features at hand.

Spacing; how spacious is your bathroom? By answering this question, you get to know the size of fixtures to purchase.

Remember to leave a much allowance between each device for maximum benefits.

best shower system reviewsAlso, arranging everything probably would boost the general outlook of your bath.

The spacing also depends on the household members you would be sharing the fixture.

For instance ensure the placements consider short individuals, children and the elderly.

Current style; how does your bath area look? Do you like it nude, with tiles or even wood? While some shower faucets do well with multiple walls and floor finishes, some have particular features that require extra caution.

For instance, you can’t purchase misty devices for bare walls as this can trigger the formation of molds and other harmful bacteria.

Merits of Shower Faucets

As we had mentioned earlier, your showering experience entirely depends on the type of faucets you have in place.

And even if the price doesn’t always equate to quality, the efficiency of some fixtures mostly depends on their construction.

So where there is a need, don’t compromise quality over price as there is nothing as satisfying as turning on a functional and reliable faucet on a tiring day.

Secondly, with the rising eco-friendly trends, your shower faucet should help you in joining the trend.

So getting a fixture that can release powerful sprays while remaining energy and water efficient would come in handy.

It’s like a double win as you get to save on water and energy bills.

You wouldn’t even feel the difference.

Additionally, life is already hectic enough to set time aside for tiring faucet cleaning sessions.

Having one that incorporates the current self-cleaning technology innovations would not only save you on time but also provide user convenience.

After all, who doesn’t like lazing around in the bathroom? It’s everyone’s ultimate relaxation spot!

best shower head faucetFinally, comes your comfort, happiness and fantasy fulfillment.

Make your showering adventures come true in the comfort of your home and without having to spend much.

An Estimation of The Current Market Place Faucet prices

You’ll be glad to know that there’re various sizes and designs of best bathroom shower faucets in today’s market.

Therefore, you don’t have to limit your bath experience due to your tight budget.

In fact, if you take the bold step for a market tour, it will surprise you at how much quality and reliable stuff you can purchase within your limits.

For instance, if online shopping is your thing, then you’ll love the various offers at Amazon, where you can easily purchase a standard shower fixture from as low as $30, around $60 for some designs of multiple top-notch features best shower fixtures and over $200 for high-end multi-sprayers.

You can even decide to set a saving target to get what you want and commit.


Knowing what you want right from the start ensures you get the best out of your best shower faucets shopping experience.

It’s our joy, therefore, to help you walk this fruitful journey through our range of informational articles.

Feel free to go through our best shower faucets reviews for an insightful look.