How To Clean A Rain Shower Head?

Are you asking yourself how to clean a rain shower head? Basking under a hot shower after a long day is probably one of the most pleasurable and relaxing moments of the day. It is especially convenient if it’s on an icy day with the shower steaming hot and the water pounds the body to give a relaxing massage.

how to clean rain shower headHence, the most frustrating thing is to have your shower head not working right by being rusty, partly blocked, broken or operating without the right pressure.

Fortunately, this article will look to eliminate these situations and what you can do.

In most cases, these scenarios often lead to homeowners often wholly replacing the rainfall shower head yet what the showerhead needs is only a good cleaning.

Therefore, before you get to call the plumber, you will find lots of ideas that are not too intimidating.

What you will need

If your showerhead needs cleaning, the first option is to gather the necessary materials for the process to save you time and frustration.

Some of the required items for this simple life hack include:

  • Instruction manual– just in case, there is a need to remove the shower head or any possible aspects to watch to consider.
  • A plastic bag– large and strong enough to fit the showerhead during cleaning.
  • A bottle of distilled white vinegar– essential to clean the showerhead drain holes
  • An elastic band or rubber tie-up to the plastic bag and keep it closed while holding the showerhead.
  • A soft sponge– for wiping and cleaning the showerhead after the process.
  • A clean towel or piece of cloth- to wipe out any water spots on the shower head’s surface.
  • A toothbrush or toothpick– to clean the shower head nozzles
  • Lemon essential oil– to eliminate the strong smell of vinegar
  • Pipe wrench– in case it becomes necessary to unscrew the showerhead for cleaning

The Tool-free cleaning process

how to clean showerhead with vinegarBefore making the option of spending your finances on a newer expensive shower head, it is advisable to take a look at the tried and tested guide of  “how to clean showerhead with vinegar.

There are two ways to do this cleaning process, and much of it relies on whether the showerhead is removable or not.

If leaving the shower head in place to the water pipe is what you prefer, then you can use this procedure:

  1. Check on the appropriate size of the shower head and get a sizeable bag that fits the head.
  2. Get the distilled white vinegar and mix it with equal parts of water.
  3. Half fill the plastic bag with mixture.
  4. Slip the bag of liquid over the shower head and ensure the head is submerged
  5. Use the rubber band, or elastic tie to secure the bag onto the shower head pipe.
  6. The tape also works but will be a challenge to get off once done with the cleaning process.
  7. Leave the setup for a few hours or overnight.
  8. There is no standard duration for this, and it varies on the make, and size of the shower head.
  9. However, two or three hours are enough for most showerhead models.
  10. Once the time is complete, untie and dump the plastic bag, and its content then rinses the shower head by running the water for a few seconds.
  11. That helps clean out the vinegar deposited within the shower head.
  12. Take the sponge and gently wipe the shower head to avoid damaging the surface
  13. Take the toothbrush and gently clean the shower nozzles to dislodge any debris blocking the holes.
  14. You can also turn on the water pressure to maximum water pressure to completely remove the vinegar, lemon oil, and any mineral deposits

Advanced cleaning tips

cleaningApart from cleaning the shower head, you can go the extra mile of cleaning the shower’s filter screen for additional convenience.

The filter screen is the small mesh screen connecting the shower head and water pipe.

However, to clean the filter screen, you will need to seek out the instruction manual on how to appropriately dismantle the shower head.

Still, you can find the brand’s instruction manual through online or contact details if it’s missing.

In general, the filter screen cleaning involves disassembling the shower head and gently brushing out the filter.

Tweezers and needle-nose pliers can also come in handy in removing the dirt from the filter screen.

After cleaning rinse the screen with maximum water pressure and finally re-install the shower head back to the shower pipe

Things to avoid

Shower heads are delicate items, and the cleaning process can end up doing more harm than good, if not conducted in the right way.

Here are the critical measures to consider to ensure you are on the safe side

  • Harsh chemicals

The use of heavy-duty acid chemicals for cleaning is harmful to the shower system, and most manufacturers warn against it since they destroy or damage their products.

  • Nozzles

While using a toothbrush, there is a need to do it gently since most vents are open to damage

  • Handling vinegar

White Vinegar is harmful to the skin, and it requires utmost care while handling the substance especially to the eyes.

  • Filter screen

Whether using the tweezers or needle-nose pliers, the advice is not to apply too much pressure since it can damage the filter screen.

Additionally, assembling the filter screen should be a smooth process, and all parts should fit in without any unnecessary pressure.

  • Sponge scrubbers

Never use steel scrubbers to clean the shower head since it may result in scratches if the model’s material is not strong enough.

  • Lemon essential oil

Lemon essential oil is not a necessary product to use and often it advisable since it could lead to undesired effects.

Next step?

best rainfall showerhead reviewsIf you successfully get your shower head cleansed, the best option is always to ensure to make this happen at least every two months for easier maintenance in the long run.

A bit of effort now and then could end up saving you plenty of time, money and ultimately support a conducive showering experience with best rainfall showerhead for you.